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Went to the Jackson Creek Letterpress today for class and printed off a poster with this Joyce quote. #Trent #PublicTexts
Nothing like the Luther Invitational Tournament. #lit64
Jael, our multimedia editor at @carillonregina, drew our staff on the office whiteboard. Here's how she drew me: #NoticeMeBradySenpai #Patriots
Candy station setup. Getting prepped for the #Halloween tidal wave tonight.
Hanging out backstage with Brett Smith after the win. What's good, Brett? #Riders
Birthday gift from the good friend @instagreggi and the Blackmore family. #Typewriter #OldSchool
Super Bowl gear finally got here! Amazing season, and I can't wait for the next one! #QuestForFive #Patriots
Lots of fun calling the 3rd place and championship games at LIT. Missed my partner in crime @spudmack10, he'll be back next year though. See you at the 64th next year everyone!
LIT commentating once again folks! Tune in to Access 7!
Welcome to the 63rd annual LIT.
The 63rd annual LIT is less than a week away! #BestTimeOfTheYear!
Going to be doing my first book interview for @carillonregina in the next few weeks, and look at what the book is!! #GameofThrones /ASOIAF! So cool!
A special purchase to commemorate our trip. Specially embroidered hats with David Ortiz and Tom Brady's signatures. Amazing trip.
Awesome moment #102478 of this trip. Harvard beats Yale and we storm the field!!! #BostonTrip @ryebod
Thanks to @mac_rey5 for the #StopDropAndSelfie! Special Fenway selfie for me. I nominate the skeevy little motherfucker himself, @bradyelang.
Really proud of the work @Cymru_Et_Canada and I did on this feature for @carillonregina newspaper. "The end of an era" Frank McCrystal's legacy as #Rams head coach.
Check out the latest edition of the Carillon, featuring a story on how we got the name Cougars! Also, this awesome cover proving that #ContributorsRock