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Hanging outside with meh. #corgi

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Not sure why I’ve never visited the @huntingtonmuseumofart before now, but it was impressive. I want a conservatory in my backyard.
Pssst. I hear you're the one with the bread. 🍞🍞🍞
I saw this gentleman fishing by his lonesome this afternoon.
First time to the Pumpkin Festival = 💯. I got to eat pumpkin ice cream, yuge turkey leg, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin butter, pumpkin cider, and so on. Easily the best part was petting the goats and llamas, though.
I got to take some photos of the cutest gal today. 😍
Gerald looking like he's about to preach a sermon. "Let me tell you about our savior, Howard the Duck."
It's going to be a beautiful weekend for a walk through the forest.
I thought I was doing this douche a favor by taking his portrait for free, when he decided to fly right at my face and attack. I'm still shaking.
Saved this guy from being devoured by a spider this evening. Don't know if he'll be okay with his wing like that, but he's taking a nap on our tree now. 😴