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Just hanging out on a Saturday, checking out the food trucks and dressing up as sushi
Sour cream and chives, basil pernod, Apple cheddar, kim chi, pear gorgonzola, garlic and red pepper ... amongst the rather plebian flavors like tangerine and raspberry.

#238 flavors #westisbest #gelato #vancouvergelato #icecream #weirdflavors #238flavors
Saw this cutie out shopping this morning at the #CAFTCAD wardrobe sale. .......
Toronto International Film Festival
Don't feed the animals! Big or small it doesn't matter.
Stopped for lunch at Marble Canyon and it was apparent that this chippy was used to hand outs.
Grassi Lakes... once known as Twin Lakes because from the sky this lake and the one beside it look identical.
The hike up the mountain features stunning views of the waterfall and Ha Ling peak (although it used to be called something else as well back in the day)
The color of the water up here needs no filter or enhancements! It really is this beautiful.