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Darn it. I like this pic more. Fins up 🐬
Remember when we were little and we would pretend we were teachers?! No more pretending for you! 😭 so proud of all your accomplishments!! Love you!! ❤️👩🏻‍🎓🍎📓
How lucky am I to work for the best dental office in SoFlo?? 💓
If you're ever looking for some TLC for your smile LMK!@regencysquaredental
Happy 20th birthday to this hottie!!!🔥🔥🔥 love you Em!!
Wish I could spend every Monday at Disney World 🐭
Happy Fathers Day to the man with the most patience in the world! Thank you for putting up with us!! I love you for all eternity! 💩
Happy belated Celly Belly🥂🥂 happy to say we survived another birthday celebration🙄 barely.
Happy graduation to my Willy Wonka! UCF isn't ready for you 💛🖤 can't wait to visit. ILY!!
Happy 13th birthday to my lil teenager 🐾 Love you so much Panchito! 💗
Happy birthday to my beautiful mommy. Love you with all my heart!!!! 💕
Happy graduation Nik!! 🎓 Can't wait to have a million sleepovers now that you're home!! Love you!! 🌻