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Who the hell is riding in this dirty ass limo! Lmao Rusty Nigga Swag

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France is our oldest ally! And have always paid respects to the lives lost on 9/11. I'm sick of hearing ppl in other countries complain about OUR support for Paris! Humanity shouldn't be lost at times like this.
This was soooooo worth the WAIT!!!! The picture on the far right is a Margiela Rock ring that I wanted but couldn't find. So instead of going to the annoying Russians on Canal St😒.. I decided to ask @d.m.kirkland to make it for me. I just gave her pics and my ring size, never told her who the original designer was. And look what happened! She FARRRRR exceeded my expectations AND did a way better job than Margiela in my opinion lol. I never endorse ppl but she is phenomenal! And I suggest you check her page out on Facebook also. Thank you Debra💕💕💕!!!!
Roflmaoooo😂😂😂 @zreyna81 does your son reply for Wendy's on FB??? Their replies are hilarious!
When defending your name goes wrong😭😭😭
LOL! I can always count on my friends to humor me when I have to work late😁
When you know you shouldn't laugh... but it's still funny lmao. Smh @sirblekstar1 lol
In 2hrs... 2wks.. 2yrs... This will STILL be funny!😂😂😂 #myfavmeme #JohnJay #embarrassing #whodidthis lmao
WHY!... WHY did he go on tv looking like that!?😭😭😭