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  Posted: May 7, 2012 6:00 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 22, 2017 3:01 AM
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Sometimes all you need is a girls day at the spa ! @saralita_ loved the work !! #hairdid #babyshowertomorrow #32weekspregnant #babyandme #amei super recomendo fez um maravilhoso trabalho !!!
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 12:42 AM
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Quando Deus te desenho ele tava namorando as estrelas e o céu! Você e a perfeição da minha vida ! Meu amor 😍 verdadeiro ! Meu carinho ! Meu charme !!! Te amo antes d poder coloca a mão em ti ! Tô amo mais q o air q respiro e por vc faria tudo ! Escalaria as montanhas mais altas do mundo e iria pros mares mas profundos do mundo 🌎 vc e minha estrela 🌟 meu sol ☀️ minha lua 🌙 minhas clouds ☁️ on a sunny day !!! Você é meu sunshine ☀️! My sunflower 🌻 and roses 🌹!! Te amo mon pétit ! Te amo mais que palavras poderia começar a escrever ! Você é meu tudo completo minha vida e me fez intera!!! 🦋🤰🏻🐧#icantwaittoseeyou #icantwaittoholdher #mydecemberbaby #agatha #mybabygirl #meumundorosa #pinkworld🎀
Sooooo i got this best friend right, sister from another mister, soul mate, the sparkle to my shine, my motivation when im emo and down , this girl that always picks me up my strange in the world ! That i love ❤️ truly and deeply !!! She has shown me how to be more spiritual and how to believe in myself ! How to grow as a woman! Trys to give me fashion advice but knows i dont get it 😂 pushes me but knows when i have my limit , never entrudes understands me with her eyes ! Explains nature to me ! Taught me how to love stuff i never thought i was gna love !!! Has been there since day one ☝️ truly an inspiration to me and to my daughter ! Ill be proud to have u as a comade seriously ! I know its tomorrow but i got excited and anxious and honestly i wanna be the first one to say it !!! Happy freaking effing birthday!!!!!!! I will always no matter what, where and when will always wish and desire on the best in your life ! I love you madly truly and deeply ! You are more then just a friend to me words can't begin to explain how i feel about u ! I know kinda gay right but hey ive told u if you werent married ..., smooch smmoch tisk tisk ahhhhh !!!! Wink wink lol
Thank you for being there always proving to me people are good and no matter what happens or where life brings us i really do hope and pray that we never lose touch that were old together biting people in our wheel chairs ! That our kids grow up together and biel takes good care of Agatha !
I hope that we stay this way not forever bc forever does not last long mais ate enquanto dure 🎀q nossa fole seja eterna amiga ! E que Deus sempre sempre sempre te abencoa ! U know i got u for a life time no matter what happens i will be there as much as i can !!!! My sprinkle to my cupcakes !!! I love you li ! Happy birthday !!! 🎈🎂🎁🎉🎊 Your one of the realist! (I know i know its tomorrow but i really wanted to be one of the first tomorrow will have more declarations of love ) !!!
Menina dos meus olhos !! Tia ama voce tanto minha gatinha !! Desculpa ter q vim pra longi e perder tantas fases e partes da sua vida mais saiba q vc e uma das pessoas mais importantes na vida da tia e sou orgulhosa d ter vc como entiada #minhaentiada #lindadatia #gatona #rayanne #mystepdaughterisbetterthanyours #mystepdaughter #gorgeousbabygirl #imissyou
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 1:34 PM
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Pregnancy 🤰🏻 the moment in a woman's life where she falls in love 😍 with another human without even knowing what he or she looks like #5monthsstrong #pregnantandlovingit #myfirstbaby #agathailoveyou #ilovemylittlegirl
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 12:26 AM
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Take a moment to smell the flowers 🌺 to enjoy life🕉 to be grateful your alive and that you are one in this universe ! Take a moment to thank nature for all its glory and to love every little bit of life and what God can offer u !! #flowersandpregnant #takeamoment #takeaminute #grateful #godisbeautiful
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 12:17 AM
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Sua vida eh minha vida !! Sua respiração eh o suficiente pra faze a minha para pela vida toda mal posso esperar sua chegada!!! Te amo minha pequena princesa !!! Agatha Ariel vc e meu tudo !!! #minhafilhaeeu #minhanenem #nabarriga #amovocepequena #minhafamilia
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 12:13 AM
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The feeling of having you with me is the best feeling in the world 🌎 knowing that each day that goes by ur ❤️ heart skips to the beat of my heart, your love grows to my love 😍 is the best feeling I could have asked for in the world 🌎 #imgrateful #youaremylife #agathaariel #decemberbaby #youaremysunshine #myoneandonly #21weekspregnant
Posted: Aug 10, 2017 5:48 PM
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Just be yourself no matter what they say you will always shine in your own universe !! #loveyourself #havingfun #decemberbaby #inlovewithmefinally #fucktherest #youopinionisirrelevant #thespidertomostflys #cusitsme 😘👸🏻🕉