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Suburban Death Machine.

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Dear @louisiannapurchase,
I can't thank you enough for letting me tattoo you! So grateful that you exist. 🖤
Black+grey portrait of @vampiraofficial I tattooed on @louisiannapurchase here at @highvoltagetat 🖤 [song: "hjärta" by kent]
Thank you to @valleyeyewear for letting me tattoo this portrait of your beloved pug-baby. 🖤 @highvoltagetat
Can't. Stop. Listening to @iamx 's instrumental album. My new favourite music to tattoo, draw, and drive fast to. 🖤 •song: "running point" by @iamx •lipstick: everlasting glimmer veil in "super sonic" by @katvondbeauty •harnass by @demobaza
Taking a quick break from workin' on my album w @davesitek to warm up Hank's vocals. TURN THAT SHIT UP IF YOU LIKE SMILING! 🖤 #wolvesdoitbetter #duet #itsahit
While you are sleeping, @davesitek is sprinkling a bit of synth doom on this song from my album. 🖤✨ #comingsoon #exorcism
Pre-recording warm-ups with @IAMX before making some music magick. 👯🖤 #IAMX7 #IAMX
Nothing like coming home to this greeting committee! ❤️ *my apologies for the minor blip of distraction that has been the last few months. But glad to have come to my senses now, and get back on track again w all that I've been creating and will be releasing soon: music, shoes, makeup, art, tattoos, and film project! 🖤🖤🖤
WHAT THE HELL GUYS?! This new @katvondbeauty shade of #GlimmerVeil lipstick is a unique blood-orange with a metallic golden-green sparkle. I named it: SUPER SONIC. It was supposed to be limited edition, and I just found out it SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours, and I myself, only got ONE DAMN LIPSTICK! 😩 I'm thinking now I HAVE to bring it back permanently, cuz I'm not so sure I wanna live in a world without Super Sonic in it. 😢 [song: "pluto" by bjork]
Can we talk about the haunted knife on the table though??? 🔪👻
...but seriously though, how is Nietzsche so damn cute all the time?! 🖤 #casavond
Twirly-whirly car ride at Disneyland with @spidersnakewoman and Dantae! Yesterday was the best Sunday ever! 🚗💨
When you accidentally match your homegirl @iamleah's tattoo. 🖤👯 #doubledanzig
First day of pole classes with @spidersnakewoman today! [caption update: This is NOT me on the pole in this video, it's my extremely experienced teacher: @spidersnakewoman!] *and yes, I've officially turned my bedroom into a pole dance studio! 🖤 [🔈: "from a shell" by lisa germano]