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My turn to take a whack at the old Your hand is my hand Jesus.
If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this!!
Getting in as many sunsets as possible before the dark days of winter set in with my partner in crime @somethinalilmoreclassy
Came to the lake looking for a few smallies and we found some @somethinalilmoreclassy
Something was calling me since I woke up today. Sometimes your gut feeling is a true feeling. Follow your instincts. I'm so glad you could share this moment with me @somethinalilmoreclassy #tigermuskie#nativewatercraft #keystonelake
Pop by the shop tommorow for some lemonade and a free men's cut courtesy of @somethinalilmoreclassy
Having a broment with my boy max @somethinalilmoreclassy I vowed to never have cats again but he's not making it very easy.
One year ago I was lucky enough to meet the woman of my dreams. I feel truly blessed to be with someone so perfect for me. You are the kindest, most loving and understanding person I've ever met. It's been the best year of my life and I can't wait to see what the years ahead hold in store for us! I love you Lindsey more than anything. Can't wait to see you later! @somethinalilmoreclassy happy anniversary babe!!!
The fight to shut my mind off at the end of each day is a never ending battle.#insomnia
@somethinalilmoreclassy you could almost fly off the edge with those wings.💕
Lindsey fishing and taking it all in, even the little boys across the river power humping the air haha!! #newriver#armycamp#princewv