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_beeps 13w ago
After all the bullshit I've encountered in the last month I still got my little Laila bear standing strong by my side reminding me of what really matters 💖🐣👨‍👩‍👧
_beeps 29w ago
Why I do what I do. Everything is for you babygirl 💕
_beeps 33w ago
Missin my babygirl so much rn. Her smile/laugh is just the BBQ to my ribs 😂 she's gonna be a goofball just like her parents lol
_beeps 34w ago
Asked that boy snake what time it was he said it's time to get down to business!!!
_beeps 39w ago
It's been me and young snake off the rip! I'm the man who put him on this shit!!!! #polishedconcrete
_beeps 47w ago
Happy birthday to my right hand man. Always there to keep me from getting myself into stupid shit and always there to lend a hand or some wise words when I need em. (See above video) 😂😂😂 you're a great friend brotha and I couldn't ask for a better co captain. Happy birthday amigo @nwallace1121
_beeps 50w ago
My little pumpkin on her first Halloween 👻👻👻
_beeps 50w ago
Lotta blessings were given out this weekend.
_beeps 59w ago
Lookin at the new Mr. November for the NC cement calendar
_beeps 62w ago
The Michigan unruly boyz had to fuck Louisville up one more time.
_beeps 65w ago
Took bubble butt to the wave pool today. 🎈👻💚
_beeps 67w ago
First 4th of July for my little princess was great! Words can't express how much I love this little bean 💚💚💚
_beeps 69w ago
First Father's Day spent with my little sugar butt. 😊👶🏼💚💚
_beeps 70w ago
Had some friends come visit me in Indy. Cuz I'm always reppin for that #roadlife!!!!!