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Marble and marble and marble and marble. It is strong, foundational, tread upon and unmoving. It retains it's beauty through the ages and is a reminder of the lasting elements of life.
I know I post pictures of this view too often, but it's a blessing to see it every day! Seeing it reminds me to breathe deep and enjoy the simple things along with the not so simple things. We all need these small reminders of self care to get through this trying time.
I've waited a long time for this view and it did not cease to amaze! Marc Chagall has the ability to speak deeply to my soul, through his own creation, even 32 years after his death. Imagine what we are all capable of.
The snap-dragons in my window box make me so happy. They are such troopers in all this rain! Being present to the simple details and beauty of life help me stay sane in the midst of so much grief and anger.
Missing my sister!!! @bnllsara is so full of life, passion and flavor. I love the way she dances through life and changes the atmosphere of every room she walks into. I am beyond blessed to call her my sister!
Love seeing attitude scrawled on the walls of Paris
It's been a week since my birthday and I'm so thankful to all of you who've sent well wishes and great blessings for this new year of life. It's been a kind welcome! Merci🎉
Fall skies are clear and crisp with fresh focus and new days ahead.
Perfect sunny - work from home - Saturday.
The majority of my life spent in New York City, I longed for nothing more than to move back down town. I thought it was where I belonged. But then I moved to Paris straight into Le Marais. The history of this place makes the old windy streets of the West Villiage seem young. This door very well might be older than America. Life is funny like that. We always think we know what we want, what we need and until we open our eyes to the things we never asked for, we miss out on the beauty of it all. Life is a gift, in all it's trauma, stillness and joy.
Baby's first birthday, birthday cake! Don't mind if I do! 🎂🥂
Currency Wars, by, Xu Qu 2015, Foundation Louis Vuitton
Van Gogh's famous paining of shoes, is one of my all time favorite pieces of art. The mystery that lies in a pair of shoes, the person who walked in them, the road that led them, the blood, sweat, tears and the laughter, essentially the humanity of a person, hidden, with only a few hints revealed. These are my shoes and I know where they've been, what they've carried me through, all the things they symbolize to me. But, today I want to look at all the shoes, allow myself to wonder, to marvel at the potential beauty and pain wrapped up inside each human that I pass today. It's important to not make assumptions, to refuse to see the hints and jump to conclusions, but to allow myself to wonder, to realize I don't know, I'm never gonna know the story or depth of every human being I pass, so I'm going to allow the mystery, to remain in the wonder.
Miss this hike everyday. These colors are imprinted in my soul. California, the land of my birth, growth and dreams. Thinking of here helps me cope with all the ugly in the world. Humans have an incredible capacity for good and evil, but nature..nature is beauty.
This one goes out to @courtenaybrandt I found our perfect bouteille de rosé! It is sooo pale! Cannot wait till you return! #mimienprovence
Beyond stoked to see our products in Parisian concept stores. So proud of the creative direction, branding and marketing that I've done for @cleanhugsfrance #casentbon