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happy birthday to my (cheese) dawg!! thanks for always relating to my childhood & the endless chili cheese dog dates + icecream--- can't wait to trade more shoes in the future ;) love you sweet girl
happy 19th to you babe!!! hope it's as great as you are- love you bunches
happy birthday to the sweetest, funniest 11 year old out there. Bucky, having a famous little sister like you is a blessing--- i hope 11 is bucktastic!!!
a HUGE shoutout to this girl for putting together an awesome senior trip---if it weren't for you i would've never known that I LOVE THE BAHAMAS 🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸 i love you SaraH C
he's got his paws in the water...not a worry in the world life's not ruff today yeah life's not ruff today
goodbye to friday night lights, to cookout runs, to late night jam sessions in the school parking lot, to ms.mitchell, to berg, to hoyt, to roach, to basketball, to the days when sheriff wiggins roamed the halls, to digger and his talks, to pep rally's where 17 was the only thing that could be heard, to endless softball games and la cabana, to seeing everyone everyday.... most importantly goodbye to OC it was an honor to walk the halls and to graduate--once a warrior always a warrior