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sione93 284w ago
planning for my next painting!! subject; mums dessing room before her wedding :)

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No filter needed. A day dream with @reileelana @sissyboijay and @_athletica 💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚
"Whats the water emoji mean?"
"It means I got my 10s sis lol" 😂😂😂
Two buses went past me in a row while i was clearly waving to stop. Im trynna not get mad now im looking up Apocalypse and nuclear winter videos on youtube for some reason. Its calming me down 😂😡 (*update* yay i found $5 on da bus. Guess it was written #slumdogmillionaire 😂🙏🙌)
Gosh i was a little shit. This is why my siblings hated being in my little art projects back home 😂😂😂
This is what a day in my life in oz use to look like 😂
Mum n dad when they were first dating. I want what they have just without the 6 kids that came after lol
When insta only had 15 sec limit for vids. Gosh i was random. With a lot of free time apparently 😂😍 wait, still the same lol #tb
Tb to when instagram had only 15 sec vids 😂 simpler times
U kan sit wif us if u got da chips n dip
Time to call the smoking quitline. Ikonic!
I remember we went to Floriade festival right before I left to New Zealand in 2015. Buzzy to be back. Little bit more mature, little bit smarter, little bit heavier. Life is good. ❤❤