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  • meganej24 283w ago

    !!! This is what I imagine a corner of our brains looks like. :D

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Streetside nanas colorblocking and impromptu farmer's markets in Hualien.
No to racists
No to fascists
No to taxes funding fascists and fascists
Weekend getaway with my beau and some birthday wishes. Since we decided to spend every weekend in August shooting a weird film about Trump's America instead, some very belated celebrations were in order. 🌜✨
I can't tell if this horizon line is straight and it makes me feel burning pain behind my eyes.
Baby's first fair! Fried chicken inside a waffle on a stick? Check. Scary whirling fair rides? Check. Giraffes and fairway games? Check. World's best circus performers a la @covacova? Check!
Motorists exploding forth at an intersection in Hualien, Taiwan. I saw two riders on a scooter where one climbed off, walked away and bought some homegrown vegetables being sold along the road, packed their veggies away, and climbed back on the bike before the light changed. 🙌🏼
Really itching to get in a car and drive for days and end up here. Summer forever.
Anything's a toy if you play with it. 🌝 Bustle investigation on my wedding night. Need suggestions on how I can alter this dress so I can wear it all. the. time.
Dune bashing - the experience of screaming down desert sand dunes that are stories high, often on two wheels with sheer vertical drops. This is the scale from our SUV on one dune looking at another. One of the most fun and exhilarating things I've ever done.
Friendly reminder for all down times
Please can I stay in bed, the weekends are harder than the week days when you're planting and shooting and building a house. 🌱😴