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Tennis balls have very short lifespans in this household.😂🎾 #PittyProbs
I forgot to take pictures of the pumpkin I painted (WHICH WON THE CONTEST BTW) and all the others but here’s a few snaps from last night🤷🏽‍♀️ #TabithaGalavan #TheRiddler #Gotham #Batman #Fallout #Bar #FridayThe13th #Halloween #HalloweenParty
Tabby might not like The Riddler but I sure do😏😉 (Yes that is a real sword strapped to my back. Actually, it’s two swords.) @tdh_4life #TabithaGalavan #TheRiddler #Gotham #Batman #Tigress #FridayThe13th #Halloween #HalloweenParty @gothamonfox @iamjessicalucas @corymichaelsmith
When you try to play the cute and innocent card but then realize the evidence is literally stuck to you...
My cat ran outside and I got my pants stuck on the storm door when I tried to chase after her😂
They only get along when they want to😂
I know I posted the more adorable version of this the other day but I think it should be noted that this picture exists as well
The breakfast of champions. (And angry dependas.)
Casually obsessing over my own body and body art. This filter is ridiculously cool and it makes my tattoos look so rad. (This top is part of my Halloween costume.) I love myself.
Feeling super proud of my fur babies for being very patient with their teething human friend earlier today. They were completely non-reactive to being bit by a toddler and I’m so impressed.