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lotus75 284w ago
Butterfly wings at the Butterfly Festival in Mariposa today. Furry little critters!

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"Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are. Let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it." - C. Assad
Some days I really doubt myself in this gig. But thank the gods for my yoga mat, a killer classroom and a campus that becomes a ghost town at 3PM. I'm ready for my own kiddo now. ❤️ #alternativeeducation #serenitynow
Breakfast for dinner because we're watching The Breakfast Club. Sophia requested this at breakfast this morning. You guys: I've DREAMED of this day! Tonight, I usher her into the temple of his Holiness, John Hughes. ❤️#thebreakfastclub #dutchbabies #yourenotfoolinganyonebender
Impulse buy at Central Fish. Cheese-flavored Chrysalis because why not? #friedchrysalis
They don't all think I'm awful. Some ask if they can braid my hair when they're done testing and tell me I'm awesome.❤️#alternativeeducation
Working on our "I Am" thumbprint poems in 10th grade this morning. 100% engagement and poems that made me cry. These kids have a lot on their plate you guys. Still, telling me to "f*%k off" ain't gonna fly. 😂 Today though, they have my heart. ❤️ #alternativeeducation
You guys. VVV at 11:10. Cheese and rice, I'm old. #towerdistrict #vinivedivici
Tada! This was a whole lot of work. I think I'll leave it to the dim sum ladies. 🙄#bunbao
"Why did you do this?! Do you realize how long this will take? Never do this again. Here. Give me the roller!" #asianmoms #bunbao
Cat Ear mushrooms. Meow. They aren't really from cats. #bunbao
Personal day. Study day. Focus back on me day. Today is glorious. #hitopcoffee #towerdistrict
Just when I think I'm doing it wrong (parenting), my kid blows me away. Grandma needed help with her shoes and socks. Sophia jumped in without prompting and helped. Second photo, we're home now, and this is my parenting the parents reward.
Wait a second. What kind of "book signing" did my daughter insist we come to? #nomnompaleo #wholefoods
First day of Art and Mindfulness Club. Posted in the Art teacher's classroom. 😂#alternativeeducation
This morning in 8th grade... Watching footage of Hurricane Harvey and connecting the volunteers and rescuers to the concept of heroism. The kid who won't stop talking, has stopped talking except to utter, "Daaaamn." I have the Kleenex ready. #alternativeeducation #empathy
TED 610 - Best Intern Practices. The light at the end of the tunnel will shine brightly in June! #teacherlife