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Picture day. Real loose with the copic marker. #drawing
medeyum 11w ago
First of hopefully many more loose and quick doodles. #dailysketch #drawing
medeyum 11w ago
Good luck in New Zealand Sarah 🇳🇿! #drawing
medeyum 12w ago
I love my pup. So I tried drawing him! If you'd like to see more pictures of him (ones that aren't crappy doodles I drew) you can follow his adventures here: @banjocorgidor #drawing #banjocorgidor
medeyum 12w ago
Tried to draw a caricature today, after a couple attempts I realized how hard they actually are to draw! #drawing #caricature
medeyum 12w ago
Definitely going to start building this. #drawing
medeyum 19w ago
Very excited to see @modestmouse again on Tuesday. Drew a mouse thing and everything. #drawing #modestmouse
medeyum 27w ago
Quick question... I just drew this as an example for a kids bookmark making contest at work. But after showing my drawing to @faniepack were not sure if it's phallic or not. Does anyone else see a Wiener here? #medeyum #drawing