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modsun 284w ago
Paint your TV.

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modsun 1d ago
yesterday's shadows can't spoil today's sunshine bb
smile just cuz u can :)
modsun 3d ago
so much love around me right now bb
modsun 5d ago
imma buy a hippy bus, fill that thing up with some kush, spread love not lust, i'm goin to woodstock or bust, + there's only one way to roll with us.
modsun 1w ago
i hit mod sun he said i'm a happy bb
modsun 1w ago
AUSTIN TX 🍄 I'm high as fuck but I'm shooting a music video + doing a free performance today @ 2pm on a bus in the parking lot of @schlotzskys (address below)
it's for a new song + if u show up u will be in the video :) tell everyone u know + bring all ur friends. lets make some noise today in texas + be happyBB ----> 218 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
modsun 1w ago
every face looks better with a smile bb
modsun 2w ago
it takes sunshine + rain for a flower to grow. it's never "win or lose"
it's "win or learn" bb
modsun 2w ago
modsun 2w ago
my dog always asks me when i'm gonna let him direct a video for me so I finally did...he editing right now but it's actually lookin pretty fuckin crazy bb smiles up for chuko
modsun 3w ago
shoot em down with a peace sign bb
you are the stranger ur looking at so be nice to urself bb