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To say this weekend was perfect is an understatement. This was a day filled with love, laughter, happiness and lots of tears (of joy). I love you guys! Thanks @movinbriks for the #bts pictures as we were getting ready ❤️#hollingsworthit #goodtimes #love
I've always been the person who worked out but this year I've made it a priority to exceed at my fitness goals, not only with just working out but incorporating better eating habits and actually taking care of my body. Being able to continuously push myself beyond what I think I can do is the best feeling #fitness #gymjunkie #lifestyle #betterthanyesterday
Got to really disconnect this weekend with some great people. Although we froze our asses off at night, I think the booze and sunburn kept us slightly warmer, it was still an awesome time #goodtimes #camping #sansimeon #love
Random hiking adventures, the flower trails were as tall as me. Seems like I enjoyed it but in reality, running through the trails they were smacking me in the face 😂 sometimes I forget to stop and look around to really appreciate my surroundings #goodtimes #shortpeopleproblems #malibuhike #adventures #love
BTS shoot with part of the team 👌🏻every day is a new and exciting challenge to continue to grow the brand. Grateful for everyone who has been a part of it ❤️ I would tag you all but there's a lot of you, you know who you are!! #ystr #work #love #goteamgo #ethicalfashion