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βœ‚οΈ don't forget --- i have an entire page dedicated to all things hair βœ‚οΈ give a follow if you want to see some cool photos of my work and keep up with what's new // #monroela #parlorhousemonroe #ilovemyjob
just when you thought you'd seen it all... may i present to you the most handsome dog to ever wear a @goorinbros hat ⚜️ @goorinbrosmagazinest #leeyawn #goorinbros #neworleans #magazinestreet #dontbullymybreed #bassetbull
the gangs all here and it is becoming increasingly more apparent that i have a problem 🌿 that's 26 plants, folks 🌱 #thegangsallhere #plantlady #ilovemyplants #happyhome #wateringday
me at 1:30am after what was surely the greatest event that i've ever been a part of. i still can't believe how perfect everything turned out and i'm still thinking of ways to express my gratitude to all of those involved. DOGUE: A RUNWAY SHOW is here to stay, y'all // thank you for getting a photograph of me in all my exhausted glory, @dr_dobalina // #parlorhousemonroe #sosfoundation #dogue #monroela
for those who don't believe that my dog is the most ridiculous animal on the planet. every morning, he goes through various stages of inconveniencing me until i get up. if all else fails, the final straw is usually to sit directly on my head. this is not staged. this is real. my dog is insane. #leeyawn #bassetbull #ridiculous #dontbullymybreed
hello friends - so i finally got around to making myself a fancy new instagram page where i'll be posting my work and i would love to have some new followers // click here ➑️ to check it out! // there's also a link to the salon website where you can book appointments with me and all of the other amazing gals at the @parlorhouse // there will never be enough thanks for all of the support you guys have given me and i absolutely cannot wait to share my hard work and passion with you β€οΈβœ‚οΈ #parlorhousemonroe #ilovemyjob #hairstylistlove #monroela #lesleydoeshair #growtheroe
making progress / not quite sure if this will be a table top or a wall hanging when it's all finished / i suppose time will tell 🍻 #bottlecaps #doitmyself #wedrinktoomuch #mostlyabita @abitabeer
long time no selfie β–ͺ️◾️⬛️◾️β–ͺ️ #lookatmyface
someone buy me this weird, giant, seemingly decrepit house hidden in the dunes of aly's beach // thanks // @alysbeachfl #ineedabeachhouse #pocketchange