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We all know what “homesick” feels like...
Today, I’ve been feeling “blah”... [prob bc I’m just beat] & I was thinking “goodness, I miss Europe”... I randomly checked my “on this day” via FB... 5 years ago today, I was in my favorite city in the whole world: Venice. It made me teary-eyed. I miss it SO much! The people. The culture. The architecture. The history. The foooood. So I thought I’d share my favorite photo from that trip for a #tbt. ✨
Day 158: Oct 18 - When you’ve been on your feet teaching & learning from 9a-5:30p @ 1 rehearsal & then learning at another from 7:30-11p... & you’re body aches... your head pounds... but then receive a random surprise in your inbox from this charming fellow “just because he is thinking about you & hoping all is well”... 😍 my heart melted on my way home last night! @2460khan... THANK YOU. You made my entire day & night. I know it was simple & random, but it made a difference in my attitude & energy. I’m so excited to see you perform in the next coming months!! 😘 #tkssunshinethru29
2 shows. 5 roles.
Opening within a week of each other.
Yeah... that’s super smart. #HANGINGONFORDEARLIFE
Day 157: October 17 - cheerleading/dominatrix anyone?

These gals were so motivating for me tonight. My brain is fried. My body is sore. My eyes are heavy. But my spirit is enthusiastic! Y’all... this show is hilarious. I couldn’t even get through a 45 second dance sequence tonight without cackle laughing at all of these girls. I’m so excited! ☀️ #tkssunshinethru29 #DDDORLANDO @katierford @jashav89 @saraho327 @originalegrl
Day 156: Oct 16 - these gals... that post-rehearsal drink was needed! What a great, productive day... I’m so thankful for these talented & inspiring beauties. Orlando is so lucky to have y’all... & I am too. 😘☀️ #tkssunshinethru29
Day 155: Oct 15 - today was a DAY. After unexpected morning events, I did shows into our 1st day of Christmas rehearsals. I was rushing to get to the studio [already running late] ... aaaaand... my car doesn’t start.

Battery = dead.

I text my Stage Manager to let him know I was going to take an Uber to rehearsal but it was going to be a little while longer for me to get there since I had to wait on a car. He then responds that he’s already in his car to come jump my car! He shows up with not just jumper cables but a whole kit & caboodle of battery charging accessories! He even checked my battery quality with another nifty device & it’s good to go. 😅

A huge “thank you” to Adam for going above & beyond. He seriously does this w/ everything he does... it’s been a joy to work with him & the team we have. Days like today make me see the support we all have in this company because of the people in it... which makes me so thankful to be a part of it. ☀️ #tkssunshinethru29
Day 154: Oct 14 - This pretty lady made my day/night last night! It’s hard to have long one-on-one conversations at a dinner party with a long table of 12, but we managed to do it! Even if we werrrrre talking over the boys. 🙃 It was so wonderful to catch up w/ @shannonbilo! She’s not only gorgeous (obviously) but so sweet, so genuine, so talented, so friendly, so personable. We talked for a solid 15 minutes about adulting w/ houses, renovations, real estate drama, & whatever else that wasn’t just about work, gigs, and anyone else’s drama. It was refreshing and wonderful. ☺️ Can’t wait for more drinks/dinner/talks of more reno idea chit chat. 😘 #tkssunshinethru29
Day 153: Oct 13 - While on our long break between shows, I went to visit Princess Fiona, Shrek & Donkey on set! After we goofed around and took a photo, as I was exiting the meet & greet area I hear my name. I turn around and it was one of my coordinators from HHN last year! German printed out my photo & insisted to take one for Jonathan. He told me how much she missed us & how he wished he could see us more often. It was so sweet & genuine of him. So we showed a little Ted love to honor last years crazy time. 😈🔪🎪🎭🎸🤙🏼 #tkssunshinethru29
Today. Was. FUN. &... I LOVE MY CITY!!!! 😍❤️💛💚💙💜💗🌈 #KeepDancingOrlando #OrlandoPride #DDDORLANDO
Plans don’t “go to plan” some days... we’ve all been there.

3 weeks ago, we planned to go to a pumpkin patch on Friday, the 13th. It’d be perfect. We’d have Koda... We’d take cute pictures in the patch at sunset... Eat fall yumminess from the food trucks... Listen to live music... Wear flannel...

But... after realizing that the BBQ & Blues @ Lakeridge Winery was happening only this weekend & the Southern Hills Farm was doing their pumpkin patch every weekend this month, we decided to switch plans... yet... when we got there, they let us know they have a new rule... no pets. Ok... nbd... we’ll go back to our original plan. Pumpkin patch it is. •
Drive there. GPS takes us a back road. Through orange groves. Literally... driving in orange sand & mud. My car is hydroplaning on sand. I FREAK out. We stop. Jon gets behind the wheel. We make it out of the sand & decide... after ALL that... LETS JUST GO HOME.

Immediately following... it starts sprinkling.
We just start laughing. Like... what is happening tonight? •
Jon hands me his phone w/ the Dominos Pizza app open. •
So. Now... here we are... with wine, my delivery thin crust pizza with no cheese [his, with], Hocus Pocus about to start & each other. It’s our last night off together, with just the 2 of us, at least until November... it didn’t go as planned... but tonight.. you couldn’t have planned at all.

Y’all... Happy Friday, the 13th. 🤷🏼‍♀️
The only thing wicked on my Friday the 13th were Donkey’s jokes about cheerleaders. 🤣 💚
Day 152: Oct 12 - this sums her up. Like her real self. We should just accept that 11 was created because of Kaylyn.💁🏼

Anyone who can make me laugh… Especially when I don’t want to… Is sunshine in my book. Every day, this girl has an exceptional goofiness to her that gives me even more adrenaline on stage. She watches six shows of ours a day and is always so engaged with us and the guests. 💫

Thanks for the constant smiles and laughs today. I needed them. ☺️ #tkssunshinethru29 #strangerthings
Day 151: Oct 11 - I love that dogs are such good conversation starters! Yesterday I met up with @miramargaret for a quick @starbucks puppy date inbetween errands. Not only did we randomly run into @tianamakers, but these girls, out of nowhere, were immediately drawn to Koda [i mean, who wouldn’t be?... but I’m biased]... and it was just so sweet. It got them talking about their own dogs, what kind they have, what their names are, etc. It was just really sweet and random... & I loved it! ☺️🐶 #tkssunshinethru29 #kodabearz
Whether it's your clown or sexuality, let it out.
📷: Jonathan Speagle
💄: yours truly 😈
Day 150: Oct 10 - The majority of our Universal family knows Heather. I first knew her from Casting. She’d be the friendly face that would keep your nerves down when you handed in your headshot & resume at auditions. ☺️

Today she was working in Diagon Alley with us, and she not only was super efficient with what we needed, but she sincerely asked about how I was, how Jonny was, and told me the story of how she was so excited we got together when she found out (shout out to Mrs. @mrsb0121). It was heart warming and made me smile from ear to ear.❤️

When those around you appreciate you and then appreciate your significant other... but separately... and then share their appreciation and happiness for you and with you... it’s like a joy I can’t describe. And her words were totally unexpected and voluntary. So... thank you, Heather. I loved our chit chat today. ☀️ #tkssunshinethru29
It’s been 2 years since this spooky photoshoot. I think it’s time for another... #turnbacktuesday
💄: @whitneycostner | 📷: @jconnfilm
Day 149: Oct 9 - last cheat day... sunshine dedication to my Ben & my Jerry. I’d like to say I ate “everything but the...” but... I ate everything. 🤷🏼‍♀️🍦#tkssunshinethru29 #benandjerrys #everythingbutthe #allgone
When your boyfriends chef bro-in-law visits your house... you make him make homemade BBQ sauce w/ ribs. ☀️🐷🥔🍻 #grilloutchillout