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_algal 284w ago
My mr. fix it.. Poor bike tire got poked by some drunk kids beer bottle #janky #collegetown

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_algal 5w ago
I love doing life with these two ❤️ #familia
_algal 7w ago
That crazy, scary, exciting feeling of not knowing what's around the corner, but knowing it will all work out in the end. #neversettle
_algal 7w ago
We drive 2 hours just to sit in hot springs and do nothing 👌🏼
_algal 8w ago
10 minutes later we were hiking back to the car in a thunderstorm 😂⛈
_algal 8w ago
Today we went to a park and my husband read me poems 💌 I love him so much. •

#bukowski #summertime #mylove #poetry #simpletimes #dateday
_algal 9w ago
You know you have an influence on your nanny kids when they specifically request to go to @target 😂 Enjoyed #toddlernanny life with @itsfinallynaptime today!
_algal 10w ago
☀️Vitamin D did us well ☀️
_algal 11w ago
This dummy (Teddy, not Carlos) partied hard at the beach and drank too much salt water. Currently at the vet to get blood work 💉 Poor baby! 😓
_algal 12w ago
Had a cool morning walking around downtown Colorado Springs. Quote of the day: "thank you for being curious." 🌈
_algal 13w ago
Welcome to the world miss Frankie Jane! Nanny Aly loves you so much already 🖤