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Born to be mild.

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Throwing it back to throwing myself in the pool trying to get the shot with @mayerhawthorne @miaorozco @marleerojas 🐬🐰
Soon come 😮 Teardrop Estates (me) x @frankleone_ Gary Wilson "Scary Gary" 🦇
Can't believe this pic I took of @beck didn't save the music industry. Look at those prices. What do you want ? Music for free ? 😬 #flashbackfriday
Oh hello. Didn't see you there. I'm just out with some friends enjoying the 80's Have you heard that guy Prince ? He's amazing. #tbt
Sometimes it looks easy but it's not - @juanmanuelcg800 talking about his art and life in general. Music 🎶 by @mndface link in bio for full video ✌🏼
She's 9 😵 She shreds ⚡️ the amazing Sky @awsmkids with some snaps I captured shooting bts stills for @emilmoller latest spot 🤘🏻
Any major dude will tell you. The first album cover that really shook me when I was a kid was Steely Dan "The Royal Scam" RIP Walter Becker 👑 Stay Weird
When I made this film about a blind guy that hired someone through Craigslist to help him operate a motor vehicle self driving cars were pure science fiction. How do you feel about this tech ? Will you get in one ? @google @uber music by @chrisballew Interviewer @thenglennsaid
@aloeblacc and I created this tribute to The 👑 a few years back but his performance still floors me to this day. 🎂
Give the people what they want 😜 oh and @ruffmercy too ✌🏼
Mister Mellow Out Take 🙃 What are the rules for 🐍 🐍🐍 I kept messing up this riff by laughing every time @kylemooney said 🐍😜😬 pick up the new @realwashedout it's 😮⚡️🍦
New work out now for @givenchybeauty My visionary friends @thestylecouncilparis invited me to document their latest creation for the legendary fashion icon. My job is called bts and I capture my images usually from behind a plant or contorted into a yoga position to stay out of the way of the production I'm documenting. The second image I actually shot with a telephoto lens from another room entirely about 200 feet away. It's a tough gig sometimes but one I'm fortunate to have as it allows me to work alongside some really talented peeps. I didn't go to school for this I'm just learning as I go and I don't have an agent people find me by word of mouth. Do what you love. ✌🏼shout out to @benzo_t who clicked a couple of these sweet snaps while I rolled video 🤘🏻
Lots of strange phenomena today 😳 twin @st_vincent by Rossangeles