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we are well trained beasts
while children bemoan sadness
above base concerns

#bw #haiku #poetry
"I think that if you think life is a vending machine where you put in virtue and get out happiness then you're going to be disappointed." #sixfeetunder #bw
She put up a wall
With archers shooting arrows
And loved the new king

#bw #haiku #poetry
moist fingers glide home
pauses are prohibited
ride the endless loop

#hdr #haiku #poetry
there is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average
human being to supply any given army on any given day
and the best at murder are those who preach against it
and the best at hate are those who preach love
and the best at war finally are those who preach peace
those who preach god, need god
those who preach peace do not have peace
those who preach peace do not have love
beware the preachers
beware the knowers
beware those who are always reading books
beware those who either detest poverty
or are proud of it
beware those quick to praise
for they need praise in return
beware those who are quick to censor
they are afraid of what they do not know
beware those who seek constant crowds for
they are nothing alone
beware the average man the average woman
beware their love, their love is average
seeks average
but there is genius in their hatred
there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you
to kill anybody
not wanting solitude
not understanding solitude
they will attempt to destroy anything
that differs from their own
not being able to create art
they will not understand art
they will consider their failure as creators
only as a failure of the world
not being able to love fully
they will believe your love incomplete
and then they will hate you
and their hatred will be perfect
like a shining diamond
like a knife
like a mountain
like a tiger
like hemlock
their finest art ~Charles Bukowski
it's the same as before
or the other time
or the time before that.
here's a cock
and here's a cunt
and here's trouble.

only each time
you think
well now I've learned:
I'll let her do that
and I'll do this,
I no longer want it all,
just some comfort
and some sex
and only a minor

now I'm waiting again
and the years run thin.
I have my radio
and the kitchen walls
are yellow.
I keep dumping bottles
and listening
for footsteps.

I hope that death contains
less than this. ~Charles Bukowski
Never satisfied
relationship consumers
shop for the bargains
#bw #poetry #haiku
Love isn't something you feel, it's something you do. If the person you're with doesn't want it, do yourself a favor and save it for someone who does. ~Nate Fisher

#NateFisher #SixFeetUnder
i was left in peace
regardless of my sorrow
i am indebted
#bw #haiku #poetry
Itch to share mundane events
who do I call now

#bw #haiku #poetry