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60+ signatures, 5 lawyers, 2 brokers and a small pile of money got me a set of keys. #homeowner
Shit got real tonight in #nyc. A composite of an hour's worth of #lightning strikes on @oneworldtrade. Captured between 11pm and midnight.
Yankees vs Mets. Thanks, Papa Ted.
Throwback to November and days full of GoPros, helicopters, and Christmas trees. 35mm photo cred to @justin_a_g
Today I witnessed a man, who had flown halfway around the world, launch a flower arrangement into space. I don't exactly know why, but it was a sight to behold.
Mamma Flying Squirrel balling up her baby for convenient transportation!
Casual selfie in the #6 #skytypers plane over Santa Monica Beach.
So ends a pretty magical trip to Ireland. Thanks @nabarro for the glamour shot!
We ignored several "No Trespassing" signs to get to this spot (on the advice of a local). But it was totally worth it, and we didn't get into any trouble except when I lost the car keys (I found them later!) From the top of this hill you can see three of the different Wicklow Lighthouses (the newest and third is behind me latched on tight to the cliffside - see previous picture).