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☔️ Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung ☔️ ( pre lightning ⛈ & thunder )
Oh, yea. I went to see Simrit Kaur live a couple weeks ago! 💗 was a lovely evening. 🎶
When you have 5 minutes to yourself after working 100+ hours in the last two weeks - you post photos of your food from how many days ago (right?) 😅☀️
& some days you feel defeated, some days you feel alone, some days you just want to detach and give up. But we have to remind ourselves to ✨breathe. pray. meditate. connect. 💫 through it and we will be taken care of. always. If the creator can create and align planets, stars and all of the elements, don't you think it can handle our perceived 'problems'? - it's being handled. you're right where you're meant to be. You are here for a much bigger reason than you can ever imagine. ✨ Trust. Trust. Trust ✨. Be kind and love one another. 💜
Apple cinnamon tea ☕️with oats topped with nuts, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and a few cranberries for brekkie! 🍲 #fallfood #oatmeal #nuts #tea #applecinnamon #warming #comfortfood #breakfast #saturdaymorning #cranberries #holisticnutrition #fuel
Find & align with your truth 🙏🏼 dig deep, strip away the layers of society and become imperfectly perfect in 🍂 your truth 🍂 ✨No one else's.💫
Garden snag of the day! 🍂🍃🥕🍅🍃🍂 (and Joey sniffin' the goods)
Brunch of champions - first time in awhile I've had/made time to make myself something different for a change up 🥞 #glutenfree #nectarine #pecan #cinnamon #vegetarian #ghee #hemp #hemphearts #pancakes #cashewcardamom #jemspreads 💗
Burning ball of fire 🔥 masked by the haze of wild fires that have been non stop this summer 😨
If only I could've captured the layers of the clouds & sun at this moment. Alas, the iPhone just doesn't measure up to the real thing 👁👁
My eyes (and heart) will never tire of BC scenery 🌲⛰🌲 I love my home 🙏🏼💗
Full moon peeking out from the trees on a late night walk with Joey 🌕 🐶 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌲
Even if the sun isn't shining, there's always something to lighten the day 🌻