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you guys, a barn with a rope swing is where it’s at.
oh hai horse and chonkey (chunky-donkey). hashtag chonkey
raised by wolves (and foxes and giraffes and puppers and white wolfy foxy puppers and bulls and also foxes, in that order).
#nowspinning the scores to both house and house II, both by #harrymanfredini. thanks to @waxworkrecords for giving such love and attention to one of my favorite childhood horror movies. this is so awesome! #waxworkrecords #house #houseii #vinyl #vinyligclub #records #LPs #nowplaying
#nowspinning @deathwaltzrecs release of #christopheryoung’s score to the film #hellraiser. i was not aware of the inclusion of the BOX, so i was pleasantly surprised when discovering it! #clivebarker #vinyl #vinyligclub #records #LPs #nowplaying #deathwaltz
waiting at the 🚌 stop. the wind done skronked up my wigpiece.
incredibly sad to announce that our sweet ol' cranky man has departed to the great beyond this morning. We have had him for the last 2-1/2 of his 15 year life, and we are going to miss him greatly. it was a very peaceful passing, which we are so grateful for. gonna really miss that great big teddy bear face, the silly smiles he would give us every time he saw us, the excited dance he would do when we would get home from being out for a while... he was very tolerant, even in his old age, of minerva and her desire to wrestle him, but not so tolerant of nyx stumbling blindly around and near him. we are sad to see you go, mister bubb, bubba, bubbala, pero, teddy bear, wolfy dog. with your loss, there is a void in our hearts that will not be filled. <3
amazing performances tonite from petal, half waif, and julien baker. here is julien multi-tasking.
and a couple of vincent price films on super 8! i need to find a bulb for the old family projector that is sitting in the other room so i can crank these lovelies.
my vincent price vhs collection. one day these will be worth a million dollars and i'll still keep them. 💀 anyone have any that you don't see here that you wanna part with? #vincentpricevhsmadness
@evewhiteveblack made some homemade gluten-free apple handpies with some of the apples we picked up at skytop apple orchard this past saturday. duuuuude.