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And the queue continues... So power!

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Breadmaking Sunday. Using one-time fermentation and wholemeal flour. Use half the dough to make Rotiboy coffee buns and the other half to make Cinnamon rolls. 'Sweating' away as the unexpected happened during the process. Luckily 有惊无险 still can pass! 明天的早餐! #smallsmallbaker
I have extra 3 in 1 coffee which I don't drink. Use to make a Wholemeal coffee walnut bread using breadmaker. My breakfast today. Happy Monday! #smallsmallbaker
A fairly new vegetarian place near Bukit Batok MRT. Same as D'Life. The Fried kway teow is delicious. Chicken rice and golden plum drink. Cosy place on the second floor. (The fourth picture is not me hor).
Dinner tonight. Try cooking a new dish - Egg Tofu with minced meat and fermented black beans. So good that it will now become our regular dish! Thanks to @eatwhattonight recipe! #smallsmallbaker
Requested by Mum to make a new Chiffon Cake flavour. I think the elderly and health conscious will like it! It's Wolfberry Chiffon Cake! #smallsmallbaker
National Steps Challenge Season 3 is here. Finally got one HPB steps tracker. #healthpromotionboard #nationalstepschallenge
Another set of photos posted in IG stories. The making process of the Wolfberry wholemeal bread. #smallsmallbaker
枸杞全麦面包。Wolfberry wholemeal bread. Natural colour from the wolfberries. Nice golden brown! Homemade bread is the best! 😘 #smallsmallbaker
Special tea break today. Chocolate muffins made by @sherlyn_lui Thank you! 😉
Before I forgot. The braised chicken that I cooked for dinner earlier. Extra rice! #smallsmallbaker
Haven't update gardening for a while. Some of the interesting plants currently. See where I get curry leaves for my salted egg dish yesterday. Just pluck and cook! And I wonder how big the papaya tree can grow to given the small space. Swipe left for more! #ssbgardening
Yes! It's my (throw-in-everything-in-the-fridge) Salted Egg Seafood dish. Very rojak but very nice! The Knorr salted egg powder quite nice! #smallsmallbaker #煮到手忙脚乱
Gardener's Day Out at Hortpark today since May. Bought back a Moringa plant and another name unknown plant. The shiitake mushroom chips are yummy! Maybe I should try making it. There's an orchid show till tmr. Can go down if you are interested.
Ah Mah homemade Chocolate egg sponge cake from JB.
Potatoes with Tulip luncheon meat that was on offer. See nice or not! Update. It's quite salty but nice. Haha! #smallsmallbaker
Lunch at Putien with vegetarian options. Putien Lor Mee. Homemade Beancurd. Any Henghwa here? My dialect group. 😁
Morning's trip to Sentosa for the free cable car ride on Sentosa Line to Sentosa Sandsation 2017.