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  Posted: May 6, 2012 12:27 PM FEED
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Posted: Apr 28, 2014 8:25 AM
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Can we just take a moment to appreciate liam and his ig account #liam #liampayne #onedirection #1d
Posted: Apr 26, 2014 10:01 PM
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Can they please just have two sections of merch where they have the kids stuff and then they have a 13+ section thats just freakkn amazing and doesnt look like a unicorn threw up on it please #niallhoran #nialler #niall #louis #louistomlinson #liam #liampayne #onedirection #1d
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 1:39 PM
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My account was hacked or something >.> sorry guys in return I give yoy sexual luke #luke #lukehemmings #5sos #5secondsofsummer #fivesecondsofsummer
Posted: Apr 4, 2014 10:33 AM
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Hey guys :-) been really inactive and I apologies for that but ive been busy with school and my ohone was stolen so .-. I love you all so muchhhh xx #niall #nialler #niallhoran #punkniall #punkniallhoran #punk1d #1d #onedirection
Posted: Jan 7, 2014 12:59 PM
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IM SO SORRY ASDFGHJKL \\ #adreamfanfic - ch.10 part.4:
**a week later**
I feel like hell. I can't function correctly & honestly it feels way longer then a week . I need him. I can't have him. My phone is being constantly being watched & taken I can't risk it. **Harry's POV** "So the new album?" A voice asks . "Uh yeah its doing well" , I miss her. I want her . I need her. It feels like months not a week. I thrive on her . Her laugh,touch , her. I can't be alone anymore . I've had so many girls before that don't even compare to her, I know management are going to try & set me up with another one of their publicity seeking skanks . But I can't even imagine touching another girl . "Harry are you alright?" , "I miss her that's all" I reply too quickly to Niall . My head is spiraling into the depths of desperation for her . The way her hair flicks are her shoulders, the way her lips curve at the slightest when I tell her a joke, how her dimple to the left pops even when she's hardly smiling , the way her eyes spark when I touch her , even the way her body slightly curves inwards when she laughs . I love her. With all of my heart. Now she knows this I feel complete . I know how ridiculous I sound but when it comes to her , don't I always ? Tags - @jessie_ker_xxx @mmoalemi @kristinarolland @elizbethsalai @kaylathe1dlover @jennie_xox @superwoman_lover @georgi_ff @_alanimorales_ @r4nd0m_f4nd0m @crazygirl1997 @baileysmiley @erricaddth @_hello__gorgeous_ @beafb_1d @an_awkwrd_giraffe @serenity_kirkness @need_horan_hug @onedirectionfxn @alisa_tomlinson678 @_the_weird_one_ @taylah_dee31 @samalamb314 @okcurly @sophieloves1d4eva @directioners_ins @_harryscurlz_ @jayd223 @_rose_perez15 @jetaaaar
Posted: Jan 1, 2014 12:21 PM
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#tay2421imagines - Harry Imagine :
"Y/N?" A familiar voice calls , I jump . The picture falls from my finger tips. " h-Harry " I mutter . "What are you doing out here ?" He questions , picking up the picture . His eyebrows furrow together as his eyes meet the paper. I take it from his hands , shoving it into my locker , shutting it . "Are you okay? " he questions once more , 'what the hell does it look like you idiot' my thoughts snap at him. " I'm fine" I bluntly state. His hand touches my cheeks wiping away a tear. " your not" his voice was husky . "I don't like seeing you like this " he states . "I don't like seeing you with her " I mutter louder then intended . He tilts my head up, "I know it hurts you okay? " he states almost tired. " how? You don't know shit Harry, to see someone you are completely & utterly infatuated with , falling for someone else . " , "yes I do" he mutters silencing me. "I've been feeling like that for all these years of seeing you with random boys , I took a liking to her " he makes gestures . " only to a slight, every single time I say 'she' or I don't physically say her name I've been talking about you, your this perfect girl that I'm in love with . It's never been her. I thought about her for around a 2 weeks in attempts to get you out of my bloody head" he states sternly. His eyes stare at me intensely , "w-why were you pretending ?" I question my eyes drifting away from him gaze. "I-I don't know " he groans . " if you- I knew you were gonna react like this I wouldn't have ... I never knew you felt the same" he mutters . My eyes travel up to his , I lean in .... His lips were on mine . This was more then perfect. It's was just was indescribable . "Please never do that again" I bite my lip , "I won't if you are mine " he winks. *END* (Tags)@sarar0sen @lovableboysof1d @karatepig1226 @sillywillynarry @mhorton134 @hipsterr99 @maddie_stoness @mia_carmen @_sophie_baker_
Posted: Dec 27, 2013 10:46 AM
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#tay2421imagines - Harry Imagine:
My jaw begins to clench , her hand is placed on his shoulders as they laugh . I can't do this. My heart is shattering into pieces as the seems . I'm never this effected by jealousy or anything like this. But now I am , so much . "Excuse me Mr. Styles" the teacher sternly warns . For once I actually like something that's came out of that teachers bloody annoying mouth. Harry's body turns to the front , I spot his grin & then it hits me like a bus. "Y/n" Niall whispers . I bite my lip trying to hold back my tears , my eyes flicker to Niall. "He's just playing around don-" "no he's not, it's happening & you know it" I almost whimper. I sniff , don't cry . Not here, I look back up around the room. I meet his emerald eyes , I begin to bite down on my lip again. My breathing began to get heavy, he looks away. I shoot up , slowly walking to the teachers desk , "can I please be excused?" , "what wh-" he stops mid sentence looking at me , ".. You can have the rest of the period off " he weakly smiles . Wipe that freakin smile off your face , I don't need people to feel sorry for me. It pisses me off that it's that noticeable .*** I find my way to my locker , I open it up. That stupid bloody picture of Harry & I is hung on the inside door. I rip it off , the tears run out of my eyes hopelessly . (Tags ) @sarar0sen @lovableboysof1d @karatepig1226 @sillywillynarry
Posted: Dec 21, 2013 12:35 PM
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gUYS IM SO SORRY ABIUT MY LACK OF UPDATING IM SO BUSY WITH CHRISTMAS I PROMISE ILL POST MORE AFTER CHRISTMAS ONFG IM SO SORRY #1d #onedirection #harry #harreh #hazza #harrystyles #niall #nialler #niallhoran #liam #leeyum #liampayne #zayn #zaynmalik #djmalik #lou #loui #louis #louistomlinson
#5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #5sosfam