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Weak ass squad... we used to be them niggas
Fake weed that's really chocolate 😩 what is the world coming too.....
@teflon2g bruh you got to get one of these for your cat bruh... due over here walking his cat like it a tiger he tried to tell me it was a Asiatic wildcat I looked at em like cmon bruh that thing I regular house cat
Happy Birthday to a Legend "The American Dream Dusty Rhodes" one of the best bookers and promoters in entertainment history and one of them best on the microphone with the promos if you will baby.. coupon clipping, Copenhagen dipping, son of a plumber the common man
Seen this on the footage I posted S/Os to @lamission24 in the footage with the thumbs up 👍 keep pushing the movement
When you get questioned about what you do for the community and if you been front line by another Latino who is controlled by a white master AND YOU SHOW HIM FACTS AND PROFF but he doesn't except the fact that you are right so he goes "white" on you in the comments..... remember where you stand in this and who you stand with cause you don't stand with us you stand with the whites #RealMissionIAlwaysBeenHereAndAteStillHere #WeNeverMovedNorLeftTheMission #WhenYaComingBack
@rojas4l5 then what do you call that?..... don't ask me if I was front line with it you can ask the frisco five about me 🤔 don't recall seeing kap there so don't ask me if i was front line or not I was part of the circle of people that protected the frisco five ask Kap ask Eminem where was theh at what protest he been to a lot of ya talk but don't do anything so if I deserve donkey of they day then may I be blessed with Donkey of the day don't be mad at me thatbya woke asses get controles by white america kap white em white trump white white america controlling agenda is working
Everybody and they momma has said the same shut eminen said for months now but soon as the white boy say something here ya all go hyped as fuck some of ya don't even play that YG song "fuck Donald Trump" but ya going crazy CAUSE THE WHITEBOY SAID SOMETHING.... you think you woke but the white race still controls yo woke ass
Better connection my ass fuck you Instagram you and the pink ass white boy that own ya too fuck that Jew and his 12 candles ya better post my shit about white america
Been trying to post this for ages now
I used to have hella transformers toys when I was little but... I never knew they made the Ghost of Starscream 😳this damn toy store bout to get me for racks I just seen five decepticons I wanna buy right now 😒
Everybody fucks with that Phish Skale 😂😂😂😂😂
Asking for a friend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
#MOOD sometimes you got to destroy yourself and reanimate yourself bigger stronger faster smarter.... just so you can built bigger monsters. #GhostVisionLLC #WeBuiltBiggerMonsters #IStillRememberTheNightILostMyMind #SoIMadeAStrongerOne
Straight up I just wanna give the young cat I mean young man my blessings that's all I ain't gone hurt em.... not that bad he will still be able to eat solid food 😂😂😂😂😂 go bad boys 2 on em got RJ Boone on standby #PopsDontPlay