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  Posted: May 6, 2012 10:52 AM FEED
3 Valencia
Revising in bed with this little kitty #cat #revision #biology

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Stormy scenes in Bocas. Now certified as an advanced open water diver! Highlights include diving in the dark with the luminescent plankton and surfacing with the rain dancing on the waves creating a trippy parallel world from beneath #stillwaitingforanoctopusthough #bocasdeltoro #scubadiving #panama #labugadiveandsurf
After digging a hole for two days in 35o heat I finished my avocado tree with a ceremonial ashing. Now I just have to wait 6 years to see if my efforts are fruitful #avocanna #hardlabour #appreciationofavocadoshitsnewlevels
¡Feliz años nuevo mi amigos! Love and good health to you all #lakeatitlan #guatemala #tranquillo
Amazing day all thanks to Zara, her husband and hero of a brother Abujadid! After fleeing Syria 8 months ago by boat, she thankfully has residence in Canada now and is able to visit family in Sweden. They showed me such kindness, driving 250km, with ice cream and Arabic sweets when we visited different friends and family! Travelling opens a whole window of opportunities and I'm very thankful to have met these people, a reminder to be grateful and also generous as life is too short to show anything but love #mecasasucasa #backseatbanter
Much better than dirty teddies, neon lights and football flags #indianlorry #tramway #art
Because adoring someone who puts their finger in front of the lens requires endurance #london #streetart