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jstef 14w ago
Why can't I get my crust done like that? Am I a bad person? Have the pizza gods cursed me? #pizzailoa #pizzaislife #
jstef 15w ago
If you aren't syncing up your beer and hats, then you're missing out. #expertdrinker #paddling
jstef 17w ago
Did I just hear Amazon is going to buy Whole Foods? How awesome is that? Now I'll be able to get Ph 9.5+ water delivered right to my door! #whattheFishighPhwater #itsjusteffingwater #justdrinkfromtheeffingtap
jstef 21w ago
By lunch time this trio of black beans, brown rice, and salmon will be thawed out and transformed with fresh veggies and hot sauce into a delectable and nutritious meal worthy of a king or highly placed government official in the time feudal England. #mealprep #batchingit
jstef 24w ago
If you play tennis and you cycle, this may be of interest to you. #tennisislife #cyclingislife
jstef 24w ago
My bro working on 300+ burpees to raise $ for the Findlay YMCA on behalf of Kerry Kirk and Christian Pedersen. Way to go bro!!
jstef 25w ago
I added a patch to extend the life of my most favorite pair of shorts.
jstef 27w ago
My final breakfast in Ireland. I'll miss the milk chocolate oaty nobbly Hobnobs a lot. They got me through jet lag and hangovers and provided more than occasional joy. They built a solid foundation each day to power me through intense sight-seeing and driving on narrow roads bordered by stone everywhere. They are composed of 45% oats/wholemeal, which really assisted in digestive health, and contain no artificial flavors or colors or hydrogenated vegetable oils. Thank you McVitie! #Hobnobs #oaty #nobbly #45%wholemeal #healthy #healthyAF #whatiswholemealanyway
jstef 27w ago
Kerry Cliffs - final scene of latest Star Wars was filmed on one of those little islands...Skellig Michael...they've stopped tours but we were close enough that I could almost smell the stench of Skywalkers's frock.
jstef 28w ago
Ballybunion - a quaint, seaside Irish village with a beautiful beach overlooked by castle ruins...and a statute of Bill Clinton in the town center. Who knew?
jstef 28w ago
Starting closest to lens - Gail, limestone wall, horse, shipwreck, North Atlantic Ocean, Cliffs of Moher.
jstef 28w ago
Massive, other-worldly stalactite in Doolin Cave, Ireland. Pictures and vids can't do it justice.
jstef 28w ago
Full Irish seafood experience. Full on awesome.