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  Posted: May 6, 2012 8:35 AM FEED
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DJ Gig #2 for the day about to be underway. Today for real feels like I'm on tour. @dankradio in the AM then a "corporate" luncheon DJ gig and now back in Venice with the brothers in @katalystcollective + the lovely @djshiva celebrating her new Remix release. Grateful for these opportunities to share music and love. See you all tonight 🕺🏻
@dankradio going LIVE from 4AM - 6AM w/ our in-studio guest: @bobbyblunders. We'll be interviewing them and debuting their Loving Imposter EP. Tune in and groove with us.
The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. - Neale Donald Walsch | Had the opportunity to "Roadie and chill" w/ the hommie and fellow sound selector @eusebio_akasa today/night during @qmdarkharbor. As DJs sometimes we pickup gigs at events where we're providing sounds and vibrations for full shifts (5-8hrs) and it can drive you mad when it's not a club/lively atmosphere. So it's always a practice of mine to swing by the hommies events to check in with them to make sure they're good and if schedule permitting just to roll out for the whole shindig. Complete from leaving the studio to load in to performance to tear down and head home. The common idea of a DJ is a glamorous adventure but the mundane tasks are still what I consider "work". It's fun work, but not the actual fun work of making/completing music nor playing music to an engaged crowd that wants to be taken through an ecstasy of vibrational movements. If you ever want to spend time with a musician, artist, DJ and their schedule is busy... simply offer your time to "Roadie & chill". If you're starting out this is THE Best way for you to quickly learn the ropes. And for those of you a lil more into the intermediate to advance stages it's just good/cool hommie practice to roll out and vibe good company. Major hint*^ If you're absolutely starting from ZERO this is the best way to really build and support others. Growing up this was a no brainer and now it maybe a lost activity for the younger gen. For us studio rats it also gets us out to stretch our legs. Ultimately us in the audio entertainment industry are very fortunate to be able to trade our love of music for the digital dollar. At the end of the day it's a beautiful barter of energy. And the more you are grateful of every single gig you do, whether it's the low low low hommie $25/$50 gig to the $1000+ corporate gigs you gotta be grateful. Cause that my friends is one of the secrets to multiplying energy. Just honoring that which has been given to you in exchange of your love through art. Give thanks & the flood gates of goodness start to fully shine through you and more comes your way. So leave me a comment on what your grateful for down below 🙏🏼
Everyone's feelin that social Libra energy right now. So let's all congregate and celebrate the power of air and balance at the @townhousevenice. @katalystcollective, @djshiva and myself are back for a fun filled Saturday evening. Ms Shiva will be going in w/ her @clubdanceordie night feat @orijanus. As always, FREE.99, early arrival suggested, and come correct and compassionate for that good lovin throughout the night 🕺🏻.
Last minute. DJing tonight at @generalleesla and providing vibrations in between the improvisational expressions of @wxxl and friends. If you're in the area and in need of some good music roll through. No cover.
Tonight's the night! Back at @townhousevenice with the brothers in @katalystcollective. This time I'm DJing before AND after the Kats. Lowkey this is a historic event since it's my first "headliner" aka peak time set at a Los Angeles venue. AND I get to get down with all my favorite R&B & Hip Hop joints that I never get to spin at the house/drum & bass sets I usually do. So if you're in the area and in the mood to shake a little something, meet some cool Kats, and maybe just maybe go home with someone new that you didn't know before, then roll through! See you on the dancefloor 💃🕺🏻
"The more you know what you really want, and where you're really going, the more what everybody else is doing starts to diminish. The moments when your own path is at its most ambiguous, [that's when] the voices of others, the distracting chaos in which we live, the social media static start to loom large and become very threatening." - Alain De Boton | 12 years on FM radio broadcasting our thoughts, emotions, and music for no pay or little to any recognition or adulation. It's crazy to think of a life spending my late Friday nights into early Saturday mornings doing anything else. We go to our friends shows on Friday night and support the local community. Drive our arses up to Universal City to broadcast. Make it back home to LB for dinnner aka a daywalker's breakfast. Sleep aka take a 4 to 5 hr nap and get ready for a night of more music and performances. I sometimes wonder what a normal weekend would feel like. These thoughts usually occur when I'm loading/unloading equipment and/or driving through half empty streets at odd hours of the night/day. But this is when i remind myself to just take a deep breathe and to be grateful of this weird, wild, and wondrous/wanderlust life we live. I wouldn't change it for anything else in the world, except maybe doing this exact same thing but on the road on tour. Maybe when I'm way older things will transform into something else. But right now. At this very moment. This IS life. And it's f_cking tight! Big ups @vialeaves and @fightclublbc for another stellar and funtabulous evening. Special shouts to all the homegirls and hommies on the dancefloor. And ya'll ain't ready for them new new Via Leaves tracks. Many thanks to @domeofdoom for rocking the @dankradio sunrise set. Time for dinner/breakfast. And see you later tonight at @townhousevenice w/ @katalystcollective 🕺🏻. 📸: @ninotschkahv
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss | Not going to lie. Sh_ts been feelin kinda weird for a lot of us. Sometimes the only thing to retreat to, the only sanctuary where everything is all g double o d good, is the music. So that's where I've been. The never ending story of the unquenchable thirst for lyrical and vibrational expressions to match our deepest thoughts and emotions. In deep meditations the monkey mind says, "Ain't no body praying for me." The past replays and lessons who we thought we've accepted and let go come back and haunt us. But it's a never ending cycle of washing away that which brings us down. Yes it's healthy to go through the intense emotions of however we're reacting to whatever has happened and continuously happening to us (our subconscious only knows the now). And we must respect how everyone is reacting. And we must remember how we react towards the outside of our being is always a reflection of what's going on in the depths of our own hearts and spirits. Earthquakes and hurricanes are the ground we're on and the air we're breathing. It's reacting to what's going on within us. And at times we/our mind separates us aka the I from you aka the other. And it's important (it may take a while) to realize we're all just a bunch of droplets of water in the infinite ocean of existence and we're all in this murky water together. But I'll tell you on the real what's been uplifting lately. Radical honesty and communication. For real though. This mysterious sh_t is a young mans game. Strangely realizing being the unfiltered and extremely weird/odd/crazy you/I is so much better for the well being of self and relationships with each other. Tú entiendes? Any hoo I'm DJing a headlining/peak time set this Sat and playing a "you'll find your dream lover" kind of R&B/HipHop set and you're all invited. Be ❤️ and see you 💃🕺🏻Saturday at @townhousevenice w/ @katalystcollective. 📸: the great @bearbulb
After a week off @katalystcollective and I are back at @townhousevenice tonight. Looking forward to emitting vibrations for you all humans tonight alongside the brothers in the Kats. As always the event is FREE.99. Starts promptly with my opening set @ 8:30, with the Kats right after @ 9:15, and closing the evening with high energy grooves to take you into the night will be the lovely @djshiva. Going to be rocking that new new @tironandayomari and maybe some @tchallakingofficial. So see you on the dancefloor 🕺🏻🔊🎶
@dankradio about to go in with an in-studio guest @tchallakingofficial. It's a long time comin and we're extremely glad to welcome our long time friend and talented musician / artist / wrestler. Tune in LIVE on @kpfk 90.7 FM 4am - 6am.
FYI. Not DJing at @townhousevenice w/ @katalystcollective. We have the night off due to a private function going down at the Speakeasy. Instead i'm heading up to @lacitabar to support our most recent @dankradio featured guests and friends @twinseasmusic. 21+. $10 cover. And there's a Selena tribute band playing after. So bring your dancing shoes and let's practice our Cumbia moves 🕺🏻
It's on like Voltron. Charge up your kamehameha strong. Better watch out for the Zendradi. Groove to that Tiga song Bugatti. Tonight tonight tonight. @viberocksteady @jukebouncewerk at Tokyo Beat. 21+. No Cover. I'm on in about an hr or so. Celebrating all the Virgos and a special bday for @j_drago 🔊🎶🍜🔥❕
DJing tonight at @viberocksteady | @jukebouncewerk for @j_drago's birthday bash. Extremely honored and elated to be given this opportunity to rock their sacred jog wheels. Maraming salamat to Kuya @neuropunkdj for calling me to the decks and for this 🔥 flyer. You already know it's going to be a wild night sans monster tentacles 🐙. 21+. No Cover. Early arrival suggested. Drink specials till 11 🍻. Ramen all night🍜.
After a Saturday off DJing for a wonderful newlywed wedding couple I'm back at @townhousevenice with the brothers in @katalystcollective and the lovely @djshiva. Tonight's special guest musician is @jooseondrums of @vialeaves / @fightclublbc. It's going to be a fun one. So see you on the dancefloor!
@dankradio broadcasting LIVE in less than 30 min with featured in-studio guests @twinseasmusic. Tune into @kpfk 90.7FM from 4A - 6A as we debut tracks from Twin Seas' debut full length album and continue the Dank Radio 12 Year Anniversary celebration.
Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best - Henry Can Dyke | Took a week or so break to process this recent Retrogrades lessons and things are shakin & movin back to its usual grooves. Realized recently how when you really focus on what makes you happy and what your hearts desire is in life things just seem to work out. You gotta take the leap even if you don't know yet that if you're dreaming or awake and if when you land you'll bounce back up. Sometimes we gotta just focus on the details of what it is that makes us feel alive. Sure we will miss phone calls and emails, fun events and free concerts, business opportunities and booty calls. You just gotta ride that focused energy and stay the course. Sometimes you really gotta not put any energy into exchanging energy with female energy to handle your sh_t. For real though. If they really are into your essence they'll appreciate you working on yourself and your being. And plus do you really want to be all joined at the hip all the time. Nah f_ck that! Any hoo. Opening DJ sets are an opportunity to just be focused at doing your own thing. They are my personal favorites cause most DJs have giant egos and want the immediate gratification of the limelight and an already intoxicated crowd that's ready and wet for audible intercourse. But on the real it's always best and even more meaningful when you are the one who takes them from an introduction through trust and communication which leads to all the fun intoxication and late night horizontal body rolls. We must remember to just do what our hearts are aching for us to do. To do these things not just as an enjoyment of life but for the whole purpose of living a healthy life. So what has ached your heart recently? What is your soul crying out for you to focus on? What can you do today to be alive and to be healthy? Leave it below in the comments. Great Disco set @john_olarte_ btw! Catch him and his For The Ground Up crew at their upcoming event. Hit him up for more info 🔊🎶🕺🏻
Virgo season is in full effect and we're celebrating the one and only game of horns king @thereugotis' birthday tonight at the @townhousevenice. I'll be starting the night off with proper intentions, handing things off to the brothers in @katalystcollective for their special live set featuring tunes written and curated by the birthday boy, and the wonderful @djshiva will be closing things off and taking you into physical, mental, and emotional planes of blissful existence. As always No Cover. 21+ and early arrival is encouraged 🎶🕺🏻
@dankradio 12 year anniversary on Aziatik Rhythmz @kpfk 90.7 FM featuring our good friends @jukebouncewerk. Tune in LIVE. We're going until 6AM 🔊🎶🤓👍🏼
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau | Have you ever felt frustrated that your level of creation or even existence isn't where you feel you should be? Say for example you feel your music or your creative output if you were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 would be at around a 7. You mentally beat yourself up cause you have so much to learn and to improve on. What if instead you start naming all the reasons your creative output isn't at number 1. Name all of the reasons. Like you actually know how to play the guitar. Or you even have a computer in the first place. Then go down the list with the reasons why you're not at 2, 3 and so on until 7. You'll quickly begin to see that things aren't so bad after all. Now that you're feelin better. What would it take to feel your creative output moves a .5 in improvement? What specific steps can you take to improve it? What step can you take today to work on it? Now you see what you need to see to continue on to the next level. Learned this exercise in a Creative Mastery course I'm taking and it's a handy tool you can use to realign your sight to what really matters and enables you to see through the thick fog of your clouded thoughts and emotions. Now that you're feelin good about yourself and your weekdays comin to a close you're ready for the dancefloor later on tonight at @fightclublbc @quesera. Word on the street is Bike Tyson is in town so a full @vialeaves set is happening. The great @jmothegreat is also performing and the Uchiha Ninja himself, @zikomobeats, is making an appearance in our Dimension to put you in a spell of good vibrations and proper hip gyrations. Check the FightClubLBC IG page for more info. See you on the dancefloor 🕺🏻
Created a new Mix in celebration of my involvement with the @katalystcollective residency at @townhousevenice. Features a serving of vibrations perfect for getting your mind, body, and soul ready for the 10 piece experience of the Kats. Favorites including Bootsy Collins, @sza, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, and more. See you this Saturday evening at Del Monte for @thereugotis' bday bash. 8pm Doors. Swipe left for full tracklist. Stream/DL link in Bio 🎶🕺🏻