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zwdj 284w ago
@ohhellomarianne, when shall we return for clearance? 😁
  • nakatag ako sa carillon picture i don't get it. hahaha! tsaka na huhu. pagkagradpic namin? XD

  • zwdj 284w ago

    Haha. Wla lang πŸ˜„ Kelan kayo magpapagrad pic then?

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zwdj 4w ago
Just realized that I didn't post anything on IG last month. Got to make up for lost posts. Haha. Things should start to look up. 😊
zwdj 12w ago
Sunday is Family day. Have a blessed Sunday! πŸ™πŸ»
zwdj 13w ago
Had to conquer 3 of my fears for an hour. Obstacle courses, the sun, and water with depth more that 5 ft.
zwdj 14w ago
Nowadays, going to work doesn't just translate to being confined in the office. Stable internet has become a necessity.
zwdj 15w ago
I've always been so amused with Legos. Did you know you can create your own unique Lego charcter? 😍
zwdj 18w ago
With summer almost over, I am actually looking forward to lower temperatures.
zwdj 18w ago
My weekend isn't complete without a little workout.
zwdj 26w ago
I always get gyoza when I see it on the menu.
zwdj 28w ago
Summer is coming... -or is it already here.
zwdj 35w ago
Korean Milk Ice Sorbet with my favorite fruit!
zwdj 37w ago
Because it has been a tad bit cold lately? LOL.
zwdj 39w ago
I'm not a fan of spicy food. But sometimes, somehow, it makes the dish better.
zwdj 41w ago
Blood is thicker than water. I didn't know instax had filters. Lol. #blametheflash