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My Ode to the Changing Hurricane IRMA
BYEBYE trump should be happy he's saving more money, like when 760 diplomats had to leave Russia.
Saw this off the I-5 in Northern California This made me feel so proud.
To much time on my hands today and found editing this photo fun and relaxing 💦😱🙃
Mount Eddy at Dead Fall Lakes. Wild Flowers in Full Bloom in mid July.
Sand Flats on Mount Shasta,Calif.
These White Rises called French Perfume became these extreme edits and collage for the fun of it.
Heart Lake with views of Castle Lake, Mount Shasta and Black Butte
Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta.
This FRESH PEACH did have a few bruised spots on it when I chose it out of the fruit bowl this morning ... but then he began to sign 🎶 to me
On his way to become a Swallowtail Butterfly
The PERRY HILL TREE. Planted in 1913 in the Courthouse in Yreka Calif by Perry Hill a Forest Ranger for all that the Members of the Klamath National Forest
Last Nights Sunset over Mount Shasta
Then Breakfast in the Garden this Morning