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i chose the best day to get back to farm life 👨🏼‍🚀
we both did our hair real nice today wow look at those sunbeams wow
i could voluntarily get coffee going & cozy up with a book before sunrise every day for the rest of my life, but i will NEVER admit to being a morning person. that would unravel everything that i know to be true about myself & lead to a major identity crisis.
i'm a night owl, dang it! 🦉
♡ show a little extra love today.

last night, before seeing the news about las vegas, i dreamed about a killer on the loose which led to a mass shooting in a casino during a show. the dream was chaotic & intense, & unfortunately all too real. but i woke up reminded of the power of good people coming together in the midst of a tragedy, all before reading about what happened.
call it a huge coincidence, but a good reminder nonetheless.
"hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs."
some guy at the store repeatedly told me how "sad" it was that i was buying myself flowers, & i just ??? almost got into an argument with a grown man in the middle of food lion?? y'all. do me a favor & go buy yourself some pretty fall flowers just because you feel like it 💐
foggy, sunrisey, podcasty roadtrips are my aesthetic.
when today's yoga is just recovery from yesterday's yoga, do it in your window 🙃
when i count my blessings at the end of the day, these evenings with @baxtertown & his @kylejahnke_ are high on the list.
til next time, @pennyandsparrow
my last quiet little virginia sunrise for a while. tomorrow i get to steal my boy away to nashville to see all my people!! today i'm just grateful. ♡
i recently developed an insatiable craving for bell bottom yoga pants. almost bought an $80 pair on impulse. but tjmaxx saved the day for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. i'm not over it. @tjmaxx i'll be your official spokeswoman forever.
the only way we end conversations around here, courtesy of my bff @mikerowe.
(in case you somehow haven't heard me talk about his podcast before... i highly recommend it.)
((& yes i have too much time & chalk on my hands.))
i call this, How to Watch Cheers & Earn Your Pizza Rolls at the Same Time
#runningonempty but we still like each other & we put on nice clothes & that's what counts!!!!!! 🙃
i've never been more aware of my posture than walking around a military academy. but just look at these handsome gentlemen.
*dibs on the one in the middle.
beach on one side. creek on the other. house full of family in between. ♥️