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luclassic 284w ago
Nothing like pulling your boxers up throwing on some cargos and hitting the beach looking for under aged puss

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Looking for Macaulay Culkin to show me around.
Jordy throwing some bumps on one of the boards I tagged up for him. Hope she's a magic one.
Pc @badboyryry_
Started this painting 3 years ago ended up completely redoing it in oil.
40"x30" oil on canvas original for sale
Day 3 progress on this mural with Petty on all day, celebrating the life of a true legend. Thank you leaving your stamp on this world to inspire and enjoy forever. Rest In Peace TP❤️
And the canvas's continue to grow. Primed and ready to go to town on it.
Spent the day in June lake painting the beautiful scenery. Refreshed, refocused and ready to get to work my next mural. 🏞
So happy to see this painting I is off to its new home and raised money for the @theyoungandbrave . If you're in a position to help please check them out they're an amazing organization helping the young and brave in their battle with cancer❤️❤️
Love beats cancer and a whole lot of love is getting thrown into this piece I am working on for @theyoungandbrave . ❤️❤️ To be auctioned off at their charity golf tournament coming up on the 25th. #lukasik_art
Done!! After a long month throwing everything I had into this 9'x15' oil painting. Long days turned to early mornings. Good times with new friends settling ambitions while creating bigger ones. Balancing frustrating routine paint pushing with serious bouts of inspired productivity. I get to step back and enjoy my favorite part, getting to share my love and positivity in my work with the owners, employees and everyone who gets to see this mural up close and personal. If you're in San Clemente. Stop by @brokedamouthpoke at 118 south el camino real, check it out and enjoy some exceptional Poke. Cheers!!🍻