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New cassette storage rack that I don't have room for.

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TOMORROW NIGHT starts the two day stint in Los Angeles to end this tour. Night one with @snglmthrsgang and @gougeawayfl is nearly sold out and night two has plenty of tickets for this insane lineup with screamo legends City of Caterpillar and doom monsters Thou! Let’s end this tour with a bang. LINK IN PROFILE FOR TICKETS! #toucheamore
CALIFORNIA shows starting tomorrow night in San Francisco. Get tickets ASAP! Running very low. We hope to see you there to end this incredible tour with @snglmthrsgang and @gougeawayfl! LINK IN PROFILE for tickets! #toucheamore
Photographic evidence of the joy I get watching @elliotbabin during many moments of the set. 📷 @kaydargs
Working to put out a new poetry collection by the end of the year.
The main ingredient to a great tour is the people you share it with. Spending every day with @snglmthrsgang @gougeawayfl @caltung and @carlyhoskins has made this month fly by. Sad to know it’s ending in just over a week. Love everyone on this traveling circus.
Hit some great record shops these last few days so I figured I’d post about them.
Today in Toronto I finally got to visit @faithvoidshop. Great record / bookstore with a rad diy venue attached. Had an incredibly warm conversation with the owner Ryan. Super inspiring guy. The night before in Rochester (with the kindness of owner Russ’s heart) I got to shop at @needledroprecords which is closed on Wednesday’s but he opened it up for my nerdy ass. Great punk / hardcore gems can be found for sure! Definitely worth the trip if you’re in upstate ny. Lastly I got a chance to check out NYC’s newest punk / indie speciality shop for collectors of ultra rare pressings @limitedtoonenyc. The owner Kristian is a cool guy who I enjoyed meeting in person after having an online friendship for a while now.
I love this tour so much. Last night in NYC Ned from @titlefightfanclub joined us for our cover of Crescent Shaped Depression and @geoffrickly of @thursdayband joined us for Flowers and You. We are working hard to make every night special in it’s own way. We hope you can make it out for the remaining dates. Videos by (flowers and you) and @k_linger (crescent). #toucheamore #thursdayband #titlefight
A poem that has surrounded my life at my different times in many different forms. Thrilled to finally own a copy of “Living at the Movies” by Jim Carroll.
My favorite part of @gougeawayfl’s set is this new song where @christinaxmichelle channels a version of Courtney Love in her prime. Too damn good. #gougeaway