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  Posted: May 6, 2012 1:00 AM FEED
1 Kelvin
We have acquired a Stratton!

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@thatcliffguy showing off his "super" and "cool" handsfree belt satchel....aka the fanny pack that makes all the stay-at-home moms at Disney World jealous.
Happy birthday to the most amazingly talented man I know! Love you Cliffy Cat!
It's books like this that make me fall in love with reading all over again! Thank you @tjenkinsreid! Excellent selection @bookofthemonthclub!
Definitely one of the greatest nights of my life! Epic set list and Phil's 16 year old son Nicholas played drums! And yes, I was crying the entire time!
When at the Louvre, it's important to be mature and appreciate the splendor of art that surrounds you. Equal in importance is making a statue look like it's picking the nose of @thatcliffguy