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He's like Woody the Woodpecker of tour managing @britton_ca

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Cruising for chicks at the escalator station
Check it out check it out boom boom
All my people stressing me about vegan/vegetarian food in Portugal it's here and is some of the best food I've ever eaten. Thank you @itsdoodoobaby for the recommendation. Xoxox everyone live your ethics out to the fullest.
Look last Wednesday I finally did something with my life 🔳❤️🔲
On my free days I dress like a homeless and sit sad faced on the street asking for spare change. I'm rich now but it's not about that - I do it for the rush of pulling one over on each person who gives a dollar or quarter or whatever. 🎥 @benrayner
Free+Dumb NYC is so close to being real you can almost wear it @freedumbnyc