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New addition from #NYCC with a Thor print from amazing artist Greg Hildebrandt @spiderwebart
#thor #ladysif #odin #loki
Got a date with this dime piece Ninang. Please ignore my shoulders and hand placement. We all know I don't know how to pose.
Happy Birthday Dad! God blesses me everynight when I get to talk to you.
Shoutout to @machepinatas for the Groomsmen Cards! It truly elevated my announcement. Thanks homie!
The final piece to my millennium puzzle of groomsman. My best man @itzjayman joins the Groom GVNG GVNG! #mickanddinFTW
Spider-Man Homecoming is one of the greatest depiction of Spidey to date. Captures the youthfulness that young Peter Parker exhibits on the comic book pages, as well gives us the Spider-Man fit for the MCU. Far from perfect, but masterfully made. Great acting and storytelling. #spiderman #marvel (image by @mondotees)
A year ago, I proposed to the love of my life drenched in sweat with a fanny pack on. Now that's love, BABYBABY! #humidity
It never gets easier. It's just something you bare. #rip