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I like this picture because it has both Oakley and their arch nemesis, Nike! Little reminders of an old chapter in my life. #mtwhitneyinaday #mtwhitney #oakey #nike #archnemesis
Finished editing my photos! This shot is from the day before we hiked Whitney. We did a warmup hike. These colors are so beautiful. #mtwhitney #sideshowemployeeshike #optoutside #hiking
Finally hiked Mt. Whitney! This is me after coming down the switchbacks. Leading up to a hike I was nervous about. The goal was to hike it in a day. Standing at 14,505ft, it's a 22 mile round trip hike with 6,500ft of elevation gain. A hike like that I'd usually do in two days. I hiked a lot and ran nearly every day to prepare for this. Still I was overthinking things and My sweet @gingerbmxman gave me some great advice to help "...just hike slow and steady. If you are hiking hard and stopping after every switchback, you're hiking too fast. Instead, take small slow steps but do not stop hiking." So I kept that in mind as I hiked, I was bringing up the rear in the beginning. Keeping my steady pace the entire way, I somehow ended up 4th in the group to summit. Hiking up felt great and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hiking down I'm slow, annoyingly so. However, I still kept my pace and ended up being the last two to finish hiking. 😅 I didn't feel burned out till the end, my knee started to act up but felt better as I hiked and I was in high spirits to be done! I started off with the goal of just getting to the summit but I also wanted to be the first girl to summit. I was able to meet both! #mtwhitney #mtwhitneyinaday #womenwhohike #outdoorwomen