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For some reason you're heavy on my mind today. I keep hearing your voice. I feel like you're trying to tell me something and I don't know what it is. I miss you my beautiful friend 💔😢
Hey dumb hoes... Quit contributing to the terrible air quality right now. It's getting unbearable. Needing a mask at my desk because the smoke is seeping through these old ass city windows. 👉🏼 When you realize you take the air you breathe for granted 😷
My two boys. I love them so much. They are the sweetest, smartest cats ever 😻😻 #jesterkitty🃏 #sirethecat👑
When you hate someone so much you have to go through your time line to remove any trace of their weasel bitch ass. #dontmakemeslapyou
When someone tells u an outrageous lie.. the funniest part is when they think u believe them #bitchplease #oncealiaralwaysaliar
I made a chicken sausage pasta W butternut squash sauce for dinner tonight! Recipe courtesy of @skinnytaste 🍴 It was so good! Only 362 calories and that makes me happy to know I can eat pasta and stay within my 1200 cal a day goal! Mmmmm 🏃🏻‍♀️
Wouldn't trade the past 19 years for anything!! Wishing my #jezziebellysmelly a happy happy birthday (a few minutes early) 🎉🎈You're always gonna be my baby girl 😘 #09291998 #iloveyou #mommydaughter #eatcake #cheerios #sippycup #bluesclues #cheetos #nokiacellphone #90sbaby #chuckecheese #prettygirl #ilovemykid #2yearstoVegas
Haven't been to Daly city / Westlake for leisure in foreverrrr. So many new things! Enjoyed this poke place 🐟😋
Congratulations Lloyd! Enjoy your retirement you pretty little unicorn 🦄 PS check on your brother... His knees might have gave out over night 😂😂😂😂
#tgif! Here's a selfie just because I'm feelin myself in this heavily filtered Snapchat pic and my boobs look good. 👌🏼 😝 #noshame #donthate #sayitlikeitis #ineedattention #thatsall #nobiggie #40goingon20 💁🏻
New work photo 👩🏻‍💻I dunno if I'm crooked, if the photographer was crooked or if the office is crooked? Lol
Late post: Had myself a little BFF filled weekend! 👯Celebrated Maryanns bday on Sat then went up to Sac to catch up w BFF Kelly and visit bestie Jessicas new house 👙🏡 and I finally got to meet baby Pax👶🏻🤳. Then to round out the weekend I had to go rescue Jezzie whose greyhound bus from Reno broke down in the Tahoe mountains🚎🌄. Did my good deed for the year and gave 2 other ladys from the bus a ride back to Daly City/SFO after stopping to get them all McDonalds🍟🍔 lol. 👍🏼 so glad tomorrow is Friday again! Whoop
It's my gorgeous bffs bday party!! 40 never looked so good! Happiest of bdays @malvs828 👯💃🏻🎂🎉🎈@thebluechip @bluechipper5
Jester Kitty aka Little Monkey (he responds to both 🙀🐵) is 4 months old now! Fully vaccinated and neutered! He is so vocal, loves to snuggle then immediately bite your face or hands off, rough houses with Sire and likes to hang out in the shower and play with water. I'm leash and clicker training him to do tricks lol (he really just wants the treats). He is not afraid of anything. At all. Interesting little dude. I love him so much 😻 #jesterkitty🃏 #sirethecat👑 #catlady #catmom #animallover
If you have a baby I will take it and hug it and love it 👶🏻😍💙 #youvebeenwarned
No. Just stop 🤚🏼 (How I feel about 40) Thanks to my beautiful family and friends for celebrating with me 😘🎉