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My #1. Always letting Mama know he's got her through anything. I've never loved anyone like I love this babe and I never will. #bestfriend. 💙
Because I live that pineapple black iced tea life. 😻🍍
This kid is the love of my life and my best friend. He just rolled over and grabbed onto me to make sure I was still by his side. Always, baby boy. Always. 💙👑🌙🔙
When snugs go to Moose & Elf and not Mama. 🙄🤴🏻💙
Don't think I won't. 🙋🏼
If my kid ever asks for an Xbox though, he might need to find a new home.
I'm so insanely lucky to have this guy as my right hand man. 🚀💙🌙🔙