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Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Salad with Chicken on the side and a Ginger Ale! #love
#s/o to bestfriend for the beautiful accessory today!
Thugs, foreal . Don't mess with us!
Sooo she decide she wants to delete my pic of her on here! Soo it's going back up there! #wheresmyfloatie right behind you slowness lol hahahaaa
From the East Side of Baltimore shorty lol #fools
Little sis and I, she couldn't wait to get a picture lol
I stay changing my nail polish colour! #grownwithsprinkles lol Pooh is a trip lol
Cantaloupe and Whipped Cream!!!!!!!! I could live off of this all day, everyday!!!!!
Oatmeal and honey facials ! It really works!
The life of a Baltimore chick! Yaaaass!