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Thinking about bringing back this look. What do you think? #luckyhat
This was our final approach to the peninsula after 5 days crossing the Drake Passage from Cape Horn. Seas this calm are very rare here, and we were psyched to have them after a few days in 20-30ft swells (which are actually also calm for the area!). The “Drake’s Lake” effect allowed us to follow several humpbacks for the last couple hours of the long crossing before dropping anchor for our first night in Antarctica.
Just another average day aboard Northanger, circa January 2013. Outrageous I know, but it’s true. #fromthearchives #thisisplanetearth #salestripdaydreams
Bear Peak showed up about 1 month early for haunted house season last weekend. #pumpkinspice #rundontlatte
Whole new approach to Labor Day Weekend this year. @thegrandtraverse: 40-mile run from Crested Butte to Aspen on Saturday, 40-mile bike back on Sunday, just over 14,000ft of climbing all told. @rachcstaub was as excited (and surprised) to see me at the finish line as I was to have made it there! (volume up for the video). Thank you for the support Rachel and @csemmett. Couldn't have done it without you!
Remember to keep your paws dry out there pups. Maximum hang time is key.
20 miles into my first 50k yesterday, atop Mt. Rosa in Colorado Springs. All downhill from here (mostly)! #pikespeakultra
A redwood growing a new branch out of a fully burned trunk, right into a ray of sunlight coming through the canopy. Must be just one of many skills that make it possible to live for thousands of years. #secretlifeoftrees #fireproof
Deluxe scenery on the Pawnee-Buchanan Trail last week. It was long and hard and the consensus was #onceisenough, but I'm already starting to reconsider...
I was only in SLC for 19 hours but @nicholson.brendan still managed to get me a proper ass whooping in the mountains. Always fun trying to keep up with him! #trailrunitsfun
Here's a little water for your Thursday enjoyment. Snowmelt coming down from the highest mountain in the continental US. This must be one of its favorite sections on its long cycle round and round the globe.
Longest day of the year here, shortest day of the year there. Those little penguins are probably mighty cold right now.
Mountain dog Nala is either fearless or blissfully unaware of her surroundings (or both...) Either way she tore it up on this mornings trail run, scrambling up to the top of Bear Peak with @vroninthemidstofitall.
Traded in the trails for long, straight, and flat dirt roads this weekend and ran 20 miles amongst the young corn crop, just before the rain. #heartland 🏃🌽#happymemorialday