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this staycation was fun and much needed🖤thanks reynnifer for accompanying me this weekend 💥: @difficultbydesign #luckywelivehawaii #hawaii #waikiki
birdie’s married! congrats kelli and kazu, thank you for letting me be a part of your big day and for letting me have the mic given how drunk i was. love you guys! #kktime #leahi86 #myphotoboothface #dididoitright
i think i'll miss you most of all, scarecrow 🖤 good luck my dear shayne, you've made me a better person in the seven months i've known you and im glad we were in this together. i love you 🖤 #tobeapartner #reservebarwaikiki
four years ago, we almost lost adro. four years later, i'm happy to still be able to tell her i love her, i miss her and that she is a fucking warrior 🖤 #mymostfavoriteconcertbuddy
dis bish is getting married soon! i know i tease you a lot kelli and a lot of that hasn't changed since our leahi days many moons ago, but i love ya and can't wait to beat your ass in fantasy football 🖤 i'm glad we've maintained our friendship for over two decades 🙌🏽 (no capi is my best friend jokes today, my friend 😏) also, i lost that ring pop all for a fucking boomerang. fuck 😒 #partyintheUSA
there may have been rain and clouds, but it was the perfect night to let jack johnson serenade us kweenz. always loving @bampproject for these nights #foreverfan #sincehighschool #thatswhenbrushfirefairytalescameout #jackjohnson #hellaminority #haccummm #bampproject
i have to thank shaggy for being the reason i met jason. 🖤 thanks boo for hooking up the vip kine tings 🤙🏽 #mayjahrayjah
happy national tequila day! these are just a few shots from our trip to vegas. get it? tequila shots and video shots! if i recorded the amount of shots we took on this trip, i'd run out of memory on my phone. #nationaltequiladay #turntupfor30two
less than 12 hours in LA to make the most of it? yallenge accepted! kbbq at its best! thank you johnny and the la crew for always making my time there worth it, even if it's only for less than 12 hours. 🖤 not pictured: the 7ish bottles of soju we tanked.
these are both a #tbt and #nationalbestfriendday post. two birds one stone! i'm extremely lucky to have these humans in my life 🖤🍆💯🍩👻
where the fuck has time gone? congrats to one of my favorite people, jamaica 🇯🇲 on graduating from USC! now, off to the real world!!!
i embarrass my mom a lot (👻:gaileypoo) but she knows i love her the most. she is the first person i loved, she taught me kindness, hardwork, selflessness and to laugh. without her, i wouldn't be the crazy gail you all know 🖤 to every mother doing right by their children and working hard for them, happy mother's day!