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I don't know what this plant/shrub (?) is, but I love it so much. #YardWalkAround

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My sweet girl turned 17 yesterday.
She didn't feel well in the morning, so we laid low and took it easy. But we made it down for the #Bama game.
Her one request for the day was to see the #WalkOfChampions.
Goal accomplished.
#RTR #RollTide #SEC #RollTideRoll #rolltide🐘 #rolltideroll🐘
No, YOU are baking sourdough bread at midnight because you still can't time the process properly!
Appropriately starting this on the first full day of my 46th (🙌🏼) year
Quinn's been talking about wanting a trench coat recently. He fits into @randyarcher's and this is his proud face. 😊
Spent the afternoon with a group of volunteers at the #whistlestopfestival getting the word out about #dougjonesforsenate & the special US Senate election on December 12th.
Shocked how many people think the election is either already over or in November.
Pleasantly surprised how many people approached us on their own, excited about Doug and wanting yard signs.
I asked for recommendations for foot peels last month.
I don't know what y'all got me into -- but my feet are softer regardless.
When one of your favorite actors from your favorite 80s movies retweets you on something that you are so passionate about...
Went to look at the rose in our yard and was greeted by her 👀🕷#greenlynxspider
Salted caramel brownie cupcakes for tomorrow's church picnic - made and decorated by Baker Declan -- I just sampled this one and not gonna lie: it's so good! 😍
One of the things I love about technology though is that there are so many resources and solutions that come from it that can better our lives and so many ways we can learn and educate ourselves.
This includes ways to help us better connect with our kids and help them connect with their own feelings and sense of self-awareness, such as the following apps that will help your child with anxiety.
Anxiety can kick in at anytime and anywhere and one of the great things about these apps is that they are portable and can go in your pocket or bag without any real packing prep.
So when a need arises for some mindfulness or breathing reminders, pull out your phone or tablet and you’re all set to go!
We’ve used these apps through different stages of anxiety and at a variety of ages, which I’ve noted with each app. Most are also appropriate for use in the classroom environment.
*Link in profile*
Prepping for our first tropical storm since moving to Alabama.
Prepping is not as exciting as it sounds.
Stage 6 and 7 of #wip -- this process is so therapeutic. There are names of loved ones of someone I'm creating this for in this. 💕
Phase 4 & 5 of #wip -- stamping and sketching shapes.
Phase 2 and 3 of #wip -- I love these stages that really look like nothing and yet are so fascinating ❤️
I loved the process so much I'm starting another one 💕
My #wip is finally done! I need to press it overnight before I can get a good full photo of it (the edges are curled up some) I'm pretty pleased with it, and absolutely loved the process. ❤️
Thank you, @willowing
I was standing at the sink this afternoon and caught the sun shining on this beautiful huge web hanging from a large tree (attached to the fence below.)
If you zoom in, you'll see a heart in the lower right corner. ❤️