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Bj, You were the best dog a family could have asked for. From as long as I can remember, all of my memories have been with you. You will be forever missed baby girl ♥️. Now you’re up there able to run around with Kobe and Hazel in the desert that you all loved so much. Rest In Peace Pup. We love you and miss you greatly. #3dunedogsbacktogether
🔴PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT🔴 It just so happens that it’s this lovely girl’s birthday today. This also happens to be the only video/picture that was saved from my phone this past weekend. It must be meant to be. Happy birthday baby ♥️. #imdatinganoldwoman #jessneeds2shots
Looking for something to do today? Come to the Sand Sports Super Show, see all the cool stuff and come say what's up. We will be here all weekend. #beginningofthedesertseason
The cuteness describes itself. Literally the best dog ever 😂. We have 6 dog friendly, litter-box trained kittens ready to find loving homes. We want to give away in pairs if possible, but willing to separate. #saynotodrugsnotkittens
Woman Crush Wednesday? Damn straight. Another summer with this beautiful girl is in the books. I wouldn't ask for it any other way. #amazingsheSTILLthinksshesclassy #checkoutthefreshink
Avery saw her dad attempt to ride the ski, so she wanted to show him how it's supposed to be done. 🤘🏻🇺🇸 #greatendtoagreatseason #justtobeclearihavenokids
This girl right here deserves an appreciation post. She has tried the white trash lifestyle and only complains 35% of the time. But on a serious note, I couldn't ask for a better person to share my lifestyle with. #currentlyriverbound #shethoughtshedliveaclassylife😂 #WRONG #shedoesntknowityetbutshesbuyingmeaboat
Everybody seems to be traveling the world this summer. Us? We've been traveling back and forth to the river. Jet skis, cold beer, great friends, and a whole lot of freedom 🇺🇸. Wouldn't ask for it any other way. #MERICA
Can you spot the white trash? 🍻
The Heep got some much needed love today with some new leaf springs and bushings. She unintentionally sits almost 2 inches higher with the un-sacked out springs. #3moreinchesandsome40s? #Heep #forestfestready
We have 5 kittens that need homes. They are 6 weeks old as of today. All are eating solid kitten food and drinking water. In the process of being trained for the litter box. Send me a message if you or anyone you know is interested. Need good homes asap. Thanks!
Friday marked one year spent with the best girl on the planet. Instead of a fancy dinner, we opted for swim suits and jet skis. For some reason she puts up with me and always happily accompanies me on adventures. This has definitely been one of the best years I have had so far, with many more to come with this dime of a girl. ❤️ #shesnowwhitetrash
While most people spend their 21st birthday partying with friends, I was lucky enough to spend it partying with my family from the dunes. Could not have asked for a better weekend with everyone. Thank you all for the memories and stories! #dysfunctionalfamily #vegasisluckyweleft #finally21 #lastpostipromise
This marks my second birthday spent with this girl. Because of her and all the amazing people who took me to Vegas, I had one of the most fun weekends I have ever had. 🎉🍻
We brought in my birthday the right way! Had a pretty awesome night with my family partying and gambling.
Homemade jet ski hitch hauler complete 🙌🏻. All that's left is to paint it and load up for the river!
By far the most cool looking rzr I have ever seen. This thing is sooooooo sweet looking in person. #theproshop #sdr #badass
I've got the jet skis and the girl. Now all I need is another weekend at the river. Where's summer at though? #alsoneedpartstofixtheski #andtobe21 #yesiknowimwhite
Picked up two new-to-me jet skis just in time for the summer. 1 Kawasaki X2 and 1 550 standup. Time to get them dialed for the river!