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  Posted: May 5, 2012 9:53 PM
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zaoone 5y ago
First the 3D. #zaoone #skateboardart

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zaoone 2h ago
Got this in the mail the other day. So thankful for my friends over at @mooneyesjp for the friendship and for sending me and my bike to Japan next week 😳😭🙌🏽 Not only do me and my fam get to go to Japan but we get to go to the best custom car and bike show in the world. I get to go with so many friends. Not only do we get to go but my bike gets to be in this show in Japan. What the heck? Beyond a dream come true. Thank you so so so much M👀NEYES for everything you guys do. #MQQN #hrcs2017 #thankful #grateful #blessed #favor #thankyouJesus
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 23, 2017 4:34 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 16h ago
My Wednesday night @mixacademy skate family. Love these guys, and girls. #themixacademy
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:26 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1d ago
It was all a dream, can’t believe this mural is done. Can’t believe this mural even happened, and it’s the first of many with one of my Bff’s @facesofsantaana from 2 months ago to this day there was so much prayer and worship that went into this place and people. 6 twelve hour days, so fast for two people but felt like such a long week at the same time. So happy and blown away with the mural but so sad it’s done. Already miss hanging out with the residents. Seriously fell in love with everyone one of them and can’t wait to go back to hang out with our new family at The Orchard in Santa Ana. Thank you @la_vida_alvita @bsbelle for the help and support. Thank you everyone that brought us food and coffee. Thank you @amusementpark_ for sending your crew over on Saturday to help us and for asking us to paint you wall next. Already started praying and dreaming about your wall with Brian. Life changing experience ask me how next time you see me. #facesofsantaana #zaoone #secondchances #endhomelessness #whoswallisnext #favor #godisfreakingamazing
zaoone 4d ago
Today was beyond amazing. Painting all day with new friends and family. Everything is turning out amazing. Jesus is too good, @facesofsantaana and I got our next job that we should be designing as soon as we're done with this mural. Actually bummed this one will be over soon. Fell in love with so many of the residents that would hang out with us all day while we painted. Thank you @amusementpark_ for coming to help out with the mural, bringing the Wiener Schnitzel Mobile and providing lunch for everyone. Such a freakin good day. #blessed #facesofsantaana #zaoone #mtn94 #ppgpaint #dtsa #theorchardsantaana #santaana
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 14, 2017 2:04 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1w ago
Such a good second day painting the background with @facesofsantaana Working on some of the graphics now that will get spray painted and hand painted in. Next weekend can't come fast enough to get back at it. #Godisgood #facesofsantaana #ppgpaint #zaoone #Godspromise #thiswallishuge #lovemylife #facesoftheworld
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 10, 2017 9:25 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 1w ago
Gosh I love this little punk so much. Cairo Is 6 months today and getting big way too fast. #cairosantino #spiritfilled #babygenius #giftedbaby #
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 10, 2017 2:40 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 1w ago
When you get a job that you have absolutely no time to do and you stress out trying to fit it in your schedule and tell the customer you can't do it. Than hours later get a call from @facesofsantaana saying our other job was pushed back a day. Thank you Jesus. Than you call the customer and say will be there tonight and pull a all nighter to finish it. Home at 3:00am and back to work at 6:00am but feel fine because when you love what you do it's never work. 3am but Brian and I were so awake and probably could of painted another mural or sign. #favor #blessed #worship #handpainted #handpaintedsigns #ovaljet #zaoone #signsbyzao #facesofsantaana #thankyouJesus
zaoone 2w ago
Got my shirts today for @mooneyesjp HRCS. Thank you @joyartco for the photo, thank you @thc_j your graphic skills. Shirts came out so good thank you @uncle_paul and family. So freakin stoked on Japan. Thank you thank you thank you @ssss4199 and the @mooneyesjp crew for inviting me and my bike. So freakin unbelievable. #thankyouJesus #elprofeta #1960elcamino #mooneyes #hrcs2017 #sodateyou #blessed #mooneyesjapan
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 8, 2017 7:38 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 2w ago
@facesofsantaana mural on the back of the Orchard Living community for the formerly homeless in downtown Santa Ana. The wall will host dignifying images of the centers new residents along with symbols, icons, and quotes from the residents themselves. Thank you @zaoone and @la_vida_alvita for help this far and thank you to Community development partners and Mercy House for the opportunity. I'll post times and dates when we will be painting so you guys can stop by and interact with the residents. @peterman86 and I are starting this Friday and it can't come fast enough. This weekend will just be the background but I can't wait to start painting our new friends faces and words. #faith #hope #love #thankyouJesus #facesofsantaana
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 6, 2017 1:40 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 2w ago
Yes. I love my church @newsongchurch @newsong.worship if your looking for community and family in OC check out Newsong Santa Ana. #thisisnewsong #freedom #Jesusislove
User Image zaoone Posted: Nov 5, 2017 7:16 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 2w ago
It's been a crazy 2 weeks, little overwhelming at times but so stoked on the final outcome of the @obeyclothing booth for @complexcon Thanks @jimmywaters123 @thc_j @mr_rotu @hotrodford for the help. Was still building, painting, and waiting for glue to dry on the final day of install, but it all got finished and turned out pretty darn cool. #obey #obeyclothing #diy #installsbyzao #complexcon
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 28, 2017 6:13 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 3w ago
So one of the companies I work for @losermachine and one of the companies I love @mooneyesusa did a little collab. I got an @adrianlopez @zeroskateboards graphic tattoo 18 years ago, 5 years ago he became my boss, and a good homie. Crazy. Being able to help out with the collaboration between Loser and @moonequipped felt so good. #lovemylife #losermachine #mooneyes #CQQL #speedandskate
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 23, 2017 10:04 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
Holly smokes 👀 Kermit the 1959 El Camino. Off to @mooneyesjp Built by Allan Clark. This is one of the #HRCS2017 guest cars. I still can't believe I get to go to this show. #nextlevel #1959elcamino #kermit #59elco #CQQL #sodateyou
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 23, 2017 1:10 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
Oh Elvis we already love you. Thank you @bastardtony he's going to love it here. Thanks @brianstiles for the heads up. Welcome to your new home Elvis von pork-chops. #thelujanranch #elvisthepotbellypig
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 21, 2017 5:42 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
Finally get to post from last weekend. EXPECTANT Conference was so freakin awesome. Got to listin to two of my favorites Mr. @grahamcookebbh Mr. @shawnbolz and worship lead by @jonathanhelser @mphelser and @molly_kate . What God did is so real I cannot explain in words, but watch my life to see the proof. Three days under these guys your life has to change for the better. Listening to Graham is like hearing from the Father. Listening to Shawn is like hearing from Jesus. Listening to Jonathan and Melissa is like listing to Holy Spirit. Thank you thank you thank you @grahamcookebbh @shawnbolz @jonathanhelser @mphelser 🙌🏽🔥❤️🙏 #brilliant #expectant #FatherSonSpirit #freedom
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:38 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
Finished these triangle shelves for one of the offices at @projectmindset47 I spend about a day cutting and sanding and then I just show up with shapes. I never really know where they are going to go until I start working, it's kind of like a puzzle. I always love how they turn out though. #triangleshelves #triangleshelvesbyzaoone #projectmindset
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 19, 2017 10:58 PM (UTC)
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User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 13, 2017 5:51 AM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
Pretty freakin awesome. Thank you so so so much @mooneyesjp so excited my family can't wait for Hot Rod Custom show. #sodateyou #hrcs2017 #gowithMQQN #mooneyes
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 11, 2017 10:33 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
To have someone like your art is pretty cool. To have someone buy your art is kind of crazy. To have a awesome company like @stancesocks post an add with your art is just not real feeling. My wife sent this to me this morning and I just thought who am I that they would use something I painted? #grateful #blessed Thank you @stancemuse @sophie_blablabla for supporting small local artist. #supportthosewhosupportyou #stancesocks #oneshotpaint #handpainted #zaoone #favor
User Image zaoone Posted: Oct 8, 2017 4:27 PM (UTC)
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zaoone 1M ago
@newsongchurch is such a good example of John 4:23 “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.””
‭‭thank you Newsong for listing to the voice of your Father and obeying it. Santa Ana is becoming a brighter place since you showed up. #ilovemychurch #thisisnewsong #checkinforcharity