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jfkwei 154w ago
I miss summer nights already. Frisbee and rope swing 👌 #tarzantrickshot
jfkwei 166w ago
Worst week of my life and now to top it all off my cat dies, R.I.P fudge, you were such a cuddly panda bear its unreal man🐼, ill miss you boyo thankyou for being my bro back at home. One love
jfkwei 185w ago
23 tomorrow, woke up in dam to this today. Sweeeet 😝
jfkwei 188w ago
my general mentality at the moment. Head phones in, sticks in hand and a mindset of fuck you. #roughhands
jfkwei 189w ago
Friday, where you have you been all my life.
jfkwei 191w ago
pre shows, I'm always calm and collected..
jfkwei 193w ago
kinda forgot about my Instagram, oh well. So fucking illlll at the moment 😞but its friday and its City & color tonight #chinupyoumopeycunt
jfkwei 204w ago
November 15th...this is my movember attempt, couldn't grow a beard/tache to save my life. Fucks given? ZERO
jfkwei 210w ago
This lil fucker has kept me up for hours. Genuinely sounds like a wild hog or pig? How can something so small be so jumpy and energetic!
jfkwei 210w ago
Home alone...means I can play guitar and sing as loud as I want LALALALALALA😁🎸🎶🎼
jfkwei 211w ago
breaking bads over 😔 time to watch Malcolm in the middle from the start again, clearly Hal is Walt in whiteness protection😁
jfkwei 211w ago
@paramore tonight, overly keen to be seeing @aaronrgillespie drumming again 😁!
jfkwei 212w ago
Friday, where the fuck have you been all week. #finalllllllyyyyyyyyyy
jfkwei 212w ago
me and @mitchkazer about to go rob a bank, no biggie I've seen this on GTA a million times now, what can possibly go wrong.. 🚨🚓 👮 🔫. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
jfkwei 214w ago
the last warm sunset over town, time for 50 shades of grey skys and rain till next year. Awesome 😐